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Category: Education
Mind can be quite brilliant
if you can see blended edges - rather than contrast only
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Among my painting, teaching and writing intellectual experience, I find videography just as intriguing.

Content is crucial to me, so I put lots of thinking and time to present my subjects on YouTube poetically,
artfully and meaningfully. I blend my paintings, photography, poetry, writing I've done throughout the years
and traveling, with music that is allowed by great composers, friends and youtube team. In few of my videos,
I present my subjects Live, in others via still images. All videos on my YT channel are public to enjoy and
share. I work on MAGIX Movie Edit Pro: video editing software.

Below are some of my videos I posted on YouTube under the category
Education, because I believe that
Entertainment should be educational, and that Education should be entertaining.
We The People
Category: Education
«HELICOPTER: Camelback Mountain Rescue (July 2016)»
by Venus // music "Sad Violin" by Ji Pyeong Kwon
by Venus // music 'Heart of Courage' by INVINCIBLE Two Steps From Hell
«Gentle Waltz (vocal duel)»
by Venus & Phil // music by Liz Dicker
Global Friendship
Art.. Music.. Poetry
«Reflective Thinking (rhyming duet)»
by Venus & Phil // music "Une Autre Fantasie" by Liz Dicker
«Legacy (ELISABETH) by Venus»
by Venus // music 'Que Pour Toi' by Liz Dicker
«For VENUS» majestic honor
original composition 'For Venus' by Elisabeth Dicker
«The Roads I Travel By»
by Venus // music "Time Heals" by Jackie Perks
«Moral Judgement: Venus & Frankie Avalon»
by Venus // music "Venus" by Frankie Avalon
The Spirit of God
«The Shroud of Turin: Christ - Jesus Christ!»
by Venus  // music "Autumn Leaves" by Paula Cole
by Venus // music 'Unrelenting & Smile From Above' by Kevin MacLeod & Christopher Dallo
«On The CLOUD: The Face of God»
by Venus // music 'Urban Gauntlet - Majestic Hills' by Kevin MacLeod
«Duet: When Jesus Met Venus»
by Jesus & Venus // music "TOXIC" by Jackie Perks
Belief beyond religion
« The INK (technique): Nimon Lokaj »
by Venus  // music "Volatile Reaction" by Kevin MacLeod
« LIPSTICK (technique): Genesis & Lord of the Land »
Lipstick sketch by Venus // music 'Lord of the Land' by Kevin MacLeod
« POEM: I Wanna Know Thy Name »
by Venus // music 'Une Fantaisie - O Holy Night' by Liz Dicker & Bobby Vinton
Hall of the Mountain King
Amazing Grace
«BELIEVE (Christopher Dallo)»
by Venus  // music 'Iris' by Christopher Dallo
«THE SPLENDOR OF VENUS» Kumhui, Jackie, Aneema
by Venus // music by Kevin MacLeod
by Venus // music "The Temptation" by Zero-Project
«THE SPLENDOR OF MARS» Gilberto, Phil, Jared
by Venus // music by Kevin MacLeod
Philosophical Poetry
Comfortable Mystery
«Eternal Love Affair (PRIDE & PREJUDICE)»
by Venus  // music by Ernesto Cortazar
«FAITH: The Highlights..
by Venus // music 'The Second Coming' by Kevin MacLeod
«The Light of Peace»
by Venus // music "Teller of the Tales" by Kevin MacLeod
«Gentle Knock»
by Venus // music 'Musing Silence' theme
Profound Optical Illusion
«NEW MOON (April 3, 2015)»
by Venus  // music 'Pour Vous Tous' by Liz Dicker
«Four Blood Moons»
by Venus // music "Bolero" by Andre Rieu
«Duel Against the Sky»
by Venus // music 'Above the Clouds' by James Michael Stevens
by Venus // music 'Mirage' by James Michael Stevens
Made in U.S.A.
For Friends By Friends
«SUNDAY LETTER» ~ Alexander // speed drawing
by Venus  // music 'No Resignation' theme
«PETER PETELSKI» speed drawing
by Venus // music "Awakening" theme
«For LIZ ( Made in U.S.A.)» speed drawing
by Venus // music 'Eurasia' theme
«BETH (Elizabeth Abrantes) as Ginger Rogers // VENUS (Venera
Lokaj-Smit) as Goddess of Art»
by Venus // music 'Bathed in the Light' by Kevin MacLeod
Philosophy of Triumph
«From America With Love»
by Venus  // music 'Rudolph' by Royalty Free
«1st Grade Review (States & Capitals - alphabetical order)»
by Errol // classical music theme
«Kindergarten Review (alphabet sounds)»
by Errol // classical music theme
«How To Reach A Compromise» ~ Errol
by Venus // music 'Documentation' theme
«Isometric Perspective (A Day in Washington)»
by Venus // music 'Run For Your Life' by Rick Clarke
«O Captain! My Captain!»
by Venus // music "Keating's Triumph" by Maurice Jarre & Peter Weir
Portraiture: Speed Drawing
Time Lapse
«Dance Me To The End Of Love (LEONARD COHEN)»
by Venus  // music 'Dance Me To The End Of Love' by Leonard Cohen
by Venus // music "Atmosphere" by Rick Clarke
«Besame Mucho (ANDREA BOCELLI)»
by Venus // music by Latin Jazz
«The Night Before Christmas (ZUZANNA MUSIAL)»
by Venus // music theme 'Adventure'
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Original Art
«O Captain! My Captain! (Robin Williams) இڿڰۣ»
by Venus // music "Keating's Triumph" by Maurice Jarre & Peter Weir
«ANYWAY: Mother Teresa (SAINT)»
by Venus // music "Chi-mai" by Ennio
«Women in Tears» Kosovo's Tragedy
by Venus // music "So It Begins" by Rick Clarke
«Tribute in Blue (WORLD PEACE)» America's Tragedy
by Venus // music 'Million Tears Goodbye' by Steve Paled
«Përtej Oqeanit»
by Venus // muzika nga Steve Paled
«Over the Ocean»
by Venus // music by Steve Paled
«ANYWAY(poem): Mother Teresa»
by Venus // music "Chi-mai" by Ennio
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