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“ I will tell you a story,” her voice whispered…But you must stop crying first.

“ Is it a Ballad? ” the man asked.

“ No. That’s a story of tragedy, adventure, betrayal, and jealousy.”

“ Is it an Anecdote? ”

“ No. That focuses on a single interesting incident, and it does reveal the main


“ Then, it’s a Comedy!” the man smiled.

“ No. In general, they all end happily.”

“ I have a feeling of a Dilemma Tale?”

“ No. That poses a question to the listener.”

“ Aha! Then it must be a Drama?”

“ No. I will have to write that so it can be acted out in front of an audience.”

“ Of course!”… the man remained silent.

* * * * *

“ Giving up, already?” the voice whispered.

“…..could it be a Fable?”

“ No. That teaches a moral or a practical lesson about me!”

“ You don’t like talking about yourself?”

“ No. That would sound like a Fairy Tale”

“ Then, it’s definitely a Folktale!”

“ Do I look common to you? ”

“ No. Not at all!” the man replied, “I hope it’s not a Tragedy!”

“ No. I don’t like when the main character comes to an unhappy end.”

“ I’m more than sure, you’re thinking of a Myth?”

“ No. Every culture has its own mythology. That’s too much to tell!”

“ THEN JUST TELL THE DAMN STORY!” the man said angrily.

“ I will.. if you come back another day,” the voice turned into an echo…..

* * * * *

Stunned over the disappearance of the voice, the man whiped his tears

and uttered with a smile – ORENDA!

                                                      The End

ORENDA is believed by Iroquois Indians to be a supernatural magic power.
It is immaterial, mysterious; it is in every body and in all our activities.. So, I guess,
the source of the voice is there.. You just have to - Find it..!

P.S>>> According to the myths:
"the immortal Gods thought that it would be interesting to create beings like them,
but that were mortal. They gave these beings various gifts in the hope that the
mortals would evolve into interesting beings, able to amuse the Gods,"
which means they separated beings from some magic power, let's just say it is -

Thus, by finding this magic power which is believed to be in you,
you regain strength within, you're ready to move on in life, keep working and,
I guess by being creative or inventive, you leave a legacy behind and somehow,
I would say, 'amuse' the Gods even more, by becoming perhaps immortal.. !?

Literary terms to learn from my story are:
Ballad, Anecdote, Comedy, Dilemma Tale, Drama, Fable, Fairy Tale, Folktale,
Tragedy, Myth, and the meaning of Orenda.

Venera Lokaj-Smit
2010, U.S.A
The Source of the Voice
© by VENUS

Grasping Life,
a man leans on her chest,
holds her tight and
bursts into tears

* * * * *