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The Sound of Desire
© by VENUS
* * * * *
He: Just saw your profile pic. You are gorgeous!

She: And you fell into a trap, too!

He:  What do you mean?

She: I don't mean anything. Just said it. It's Freedom of Speech..!

He: Ah, I see. Really, you are quite beautiful !!

She: And you are quite secretive..

He: Ha, ha,ha...36, male, New York City... 5'11... 190lb... dark brown hair...

blue eyes... grafic designer !

She: And you do it your way?

He: Well, I could do it your way too!

She: What's new in New York City?

He: Big storm brewing.... Where are you?

She: Inside.

He: Can I see another pic of you?

She: What's the best about New York City?

He: Diversity.

She: What's the worst about it?

He: The pace.

She: Too slow? Too fast?

He: The pace is too fast!

She: Can you make a change?

He: This is beginning to sound like a therapy session....slow down!!!

She: I do it my way. And I thought you said you could do it my way to!

He: Ha, ha...I can. I will.

She: Will..., a verb or a noun?

He: Verb !

She: If you were the President of the USA, what would you do besides SEX?

He: Hire you as Chairman of the Arts !

She: Huh.. in the White House?

He: Yes!....I hate politicians. All lawyers... All liers... Scum.

She: Is that a result of New York?

He: My attitude? Probably, but its the truth.

She: What lies beneath the truth?

He: Solace.

She: Do you always tell the truth?

He: Nope.

She: Why not?

He: For the benefit of others. I'm a visual person. Would love another pic of you...

You are stunning.

She: Really?

He: Yes, really!

She: You said, you don't always tell the truth?

He: This time I am. Really!

She: What makes you tell the truth this time?

He: My desires....ha,ha !!!

She: hmmm...New York, New York. What do you do in NY?

He: Publishing... Books.

She: Ah, would you publish my story?

He: I would design the cover and the interior for you.

She: I would do that my way. Your desires would just make a mess there.

He: What kind of mess?

She: no control.

He: Control? hmmm...

She: I read well between the lines... Do you?

He: God, you make me horny!

She: Is this a line from literature?

He: Ha,ha...I think it's from Joyce... Yes!

She: What's one thing in life you would change if you could?

He: Kill all the lawyers !

She: What harm have they done to you?

He: What harm don't they do? People are afraid to help others because of the

lawyers !!

She: Is it exiting?

He: How can that be exiting??

She: I meant this Virtual World...

He: like to be in control, huh... I'm still looking at your picture...

She: What exactly do you see?

He: Your hair looks great up like that... shows off your features...

great cheek bones... great eyes too !

She:... still wanna kill all the lawyers?

He: Ahhhh...  4*** all the lawyers !!!!

She: ????

* * * * *

She: ... still there ?

* * * * *

Chat server disconnected... Nothing happened...  but Art of Words and

the Sound of Desire... So deep, so obvious that - LOVE conquers all!

(( by VENUS ))
Venera Lokaj-Smit
2001, USA
when things don't happen,
they make more sense.
The Sound is all that matters...
* * * * *