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Chess Game
© by VENUS
* * * * *
He: .... I simply don't understand how you can, simultaneously, like Nietzsche

and Kadare?

She: Search the word DISSENTER, and you will have no problem understanding

my consents.

He:   But that's not what Kadare was. Too bad you keep dwelling on that...

She: IRRECONCILABLE still is Kadare! He was and still is irreconcilable with

Albanian reality. Have you ever read his poem 'A Girl'?

Concerned with the complexity of human heart and soul, he is UNIVERSAL too,

and the winner of the 'Man Booker International Prize' (2005).

If you don't detect that shade of meaning, I'm sorry that you hesitate to read

between the lines... IRRECONCILABLE was Nietzsche, with social status, with

almost everything around him; it would be naive to think that Nietzsche and

Kadare are ONE... And why do you think its too bad, man?

I like THE DAY and THE NIGHT at the same's inspiring, don't you think?

He: I, who can't "read between the lines", am the author of over ten published

books and winner of many awards ... Ask about me, or better, search my name...

Too bad you insulted me, I was honest with you.

She: I have neglected the monistic thinking, long time ago.

I did not say "You can't", I said "You hesitate".

Liking Nietzsche and Kadare is equal to liking Da Vinci and Picasso..., one is a

classic artist, the other is a modernist. Liking them all, has to do with their

extraordinary creativity not with time and space or as you put it "simultaneously".

He: ( keeps silent )

* * * * *

She: Ah, I found you!  It was my pleasure browsing through the information

on your creativity... well done! "Words wound. But as a veteran of 12 years in the

United States Senate, I happily attest that they do not kill." - Lyndon B. Johnson

He: Thank You, ma'am, right?

She: ( check )

He: Your activity, ma'am, I enjoyed, and now that I concentrated my attention.

Compliments! Yet, I continue to disagree with your esthetic considerations...

How can you like, simultaneously, two poets so different from each-other as is the

late great Shkreli and Ali Podrimja? Equal to me liking Picasso and Monet too..

She: How much it pleases me knowing that my tastes disturb you.

He: Your pleasure increases my concern!

She: Your concern on the up makes me laugh.

He: Your laughter proves that you have a PERSPECTIVE issue.

Obvious from some of your activity too...

She: "Your activity, ma'am, I enjoyed, and now that I concentrated my attention.

Compliments!" - your antagonism proves that you have an EGO issue.

He: My antagonism is nourished by your nature...I believe I succeeded on

insulting you. I call this a victory!

She: How much it pleases me knowing that I keep you sleepless at night.

He: Ok, but this is called a "cyber flirt"...

She: And how is this called, “She killed him with sweet words".

* * * * *

Intoxicated by the game, She shouts, "Paradox! Paradox! Paradox!"

And He simply doesn't understand her consents.

(( by VENUS ))
Venera Lokaj-Smit
2003, USA
This is a story about Human Nature
who has lost that friendly feeling;
Has remained all alone..

This story has no beginning and no end
The Magic of it all is the Game.
* * * * *