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Venera Lokaj-Smit
If you are a new visitor, you can follow my art on my YouTube channel (( VenusDeArt ))

I thank each of you who visit and follow my work, love my art, poetry and stories presented, and all the wonderful comments
you honor me with. To all of you who've had trust in me to create any special moments for you:
Thank you, it's been and remains a pleasure.

I hope you find my website pleasing to your senses, and inspiring.
Design within is very easy to navigate so you won't get lost around the site.

Artistic Videography is a new hobby of mine I seem to enjoy when time permits.
Videos I've made are done to share on YouTube.
I use music on the background that is allowed by great composer and YouTube team.
And I truly thank all my global friends for all their wonderful comments they've honored me with, lovely heartfelt greetings,
respect and friendship.
They have made my journey on YouTube quite special - thanks guys!

Sometimes people wonder how and why I paint the way I do.
I hope few images and my thoughts below will answer some of the questions asked.
I thank you for your visit and interest.
Male Portraits  I create reflect strength within, honor, dignity,
thoughtfulness, great body posture, attitude and accomplishment
Self-Portrait: pastel
Portrait  is an artistic representation of a person.
Be that face and its expression only or face and the body language.

Thus, a quality portrait should reflect the person's inner self,
the spirit, sparkle, the soul!

In order to achieve such powerful impression in a painting,  
Artist's natural curiosity and a gifted ability to observe and capture
the essence of what is seen and heard is crucial.
That's where Psychology gets involved.

The psychology involved is the interaction between the subject
and the artist. It's about likeness and feelings; it's about what lies
beneath the surface. It's about how far, how deep can you reach
one's heart, mind, one's soul.
Female Portraits   I create reflect strength within, integrity,
elegance, beauty and determination.
Children's Portraits  I create reflect angelic beauty and
My Son: oil on canvas
Having all such virtues and few vices in mind,
I then accentuate the best and hide the worst of the subject.  

When it's that close to the person's self-image wanted,
it always flatters the subject.  

The Portrait then becomes a mysterious companion
and one to truly cherish forever.

And that is the Magic of Portraiture that I so much love.
Horses  are the only animals I've painted, and they do reflect
freedom, beauty, pride and attitude too.
Pride & Prejudice: pastel
Tribute in Blue - dedicated to America's tragedy, september 11
Tease: oil on canvas
Thematic Art   I enjoy just as much.
While photography shows what something is or looks like in a
place, thematic Art tells a story about that place.

Just like in a thematic map where location is a key feature, in
thematic Art,  title is crucial; that alerts and orients the audience.
It is artist's duty then to create the connection between the
audience and the theme.

Once the audience is oriented, they're free to explore and discover.
And that is the Magic of Thematic Art - it's about the story behind
the subject matter and the power of imagination.

It is why, although quite difficult, I value creating thematic art,
though at times can be quite theatrical

Such is:

TAFA (poor, deaf and mute)
Dedicated to Tafa's touching personality and his life story of
Immortality  - dedicated to Tafa's story of the genius who defeated
death without being able to learn, hear nor speak.
Tafa's Story: pastel

Women in Tears - dedicated to Kosovo's tragedy, 1999
And Yes - thematic art is usually of a dramatic nature.
Evocative, Profound and Striking.
The Cry of Portraits (Women in Tears): pastel
Artistic Nude   has been a major theme in Art since
prehistoric time that I enjoy as well. You can't really be a complete
Artist if you never paint nude or at least half-nude subjects.
Around the globe nudity in  Art is tolerated more than the actual
nudity. However, how pleasant or unpleasant the nude artwork is,
depends on the artist's standards of modesty.

While being naked is usually considered by most cultures
offensive, nude in Art by most people is considered pleasantly
provocative to our senses and more inspiring than offensive and  
that is the Magic of Artistic Nude.

Here you will find few pleasant nude artworks I've created that have
inspired such beautiful poetry in some of my wonderful global
friends and artists.
And as I continue living my dream, blessed by the past and the
present, I continue believing in art and the power of imagination.

That energy, the spirit, the very soul of the subject, the magic and
the mystery of art - divinity lies there.

So, What does it mean to be an Artist?
It means to be able to simplify the complicated and enchant all
five senses via sixth through work of art.

And What is Art?
Art is the magic that looks at you and says:
Decipher me!
Vargas Taste : oil on canvas
photo: VENUS
inspired by as a child:

  • Nimon Lokaj, Hatmone Lokaj
  • Rembrandt, Da Vinci, Picasso, Nietzsche, Dali, Freud
  • Shakespeare, T.S.Eliot, Hemingway, Kadare, Frost
  • Oscar Wilde
  • Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr, Mother Teresa

  • My parents named me VENERA / VENUS, after the goddess of
    love, Botichelli's Birth of Venus, the planet, and the star.
  • Venera, Venere is common name among Kosovar, Albanian,
    Italian and Russian languages, whereas Venus of Latin origin is
    common in English language only; the meaning of Roman Venus
    in mythology is equivalent to Greek Aphrodite.
  • My name is truly behind each and every Artwork I've created, with
    love and passion to catch and reflect what's beneath the surface
    and beyond reach, through magic and mystery of Art.
  • Venera / Venus has often explored space from USA & USSR
  • I have only crossed the Ocean, therefore - global, I am.
The Official Website of VENUS

GlobalVenus welcomes you to enjoy
original art, paintings, poetry, stories,
photography, writing and artistic presentations.

It is meant to inspire artistry, strength within,
love, passion, creativity and positive thinking
through art and literature.

Education is crucial to humanity and I hope all
I create and share on line contributes to
intellect, freedom and global peace.

All artworks are original;
some of my personal collections and special
orders I've created.

Besides Art, my website shares some of my
writing too, favorite global friends opinions,
and links to other great artists I've presented.

Creating since I was a child, I truly believe
that art, music and above all education, to our
galaxy bring Sanity - and that is the triumph
of Humanity!
* * * * *
My Husband: oil on canvas
Between being:
I somehow managed to
self-study SiteBuilder too,
becoming the author,
editor, designer and
publisher of

As a Kosovar-born
American Artist, I say:
The World we live in
may be a land of tears,
pain, broken dreams too,
but it's also a land of
dreams come true.
And as long as you’re
healthy enough,
creative and free
You can do it:
You can make
your dreams come true
And live them too...

Venera Lokaj-Smit
Much Love,