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Venera Lokaj-Smit
* * * * *
On A Freezing Cold Night
© by VENUS

You’ll be quiet beside me, my love
in those cold eyes, the fire of passion will sparkle
and soul pulses will shake your heart
When the warm Moonlight caresses my body
you will still be awake beside the fireplace
and will contemplate every vein of mine
every sudden movement
every sudden caress
and intoxicated you’ll get under my breath
and you’ll pray that the night never ends
and you’ll pray that the dawning of the day never begins
On a freezing cold night
you’ll beg me
to hold you in my arms
you will be quiet beside me.
Q: How do you write
Lyrical Poetry?

A:  I think of a man, then I
take away accountability
and reason, allowing
feelings to run smoothly.

* * * * *
Category: Education