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Venera Lokaj-Smit
* * * * *
Did You Think of Me Today
© by VENUS

When morning
Gently kissed your eyes
Did you think of me today
Upon golden greenery of early autumn
What did your mind paint
Did your heart beats accompany you
Were you bothered by longing
What words did craziness utter in silence
What did you hear
Amid the season’s leaves
Did my cold smile welcome you warmly
Did your soul caught on fire
Your heart, your mind did it burn from passion
From the scent of desire
Did you feel intoxicated
Did you feel chills
Did you think of me today.
Q: How do you write
Lyrical Poetry?

A:  I think of a man, then I
take away accountability
and reason, allowing
feelings to run smoothly.

* * * * *
Category: Education