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Venera Lokaj-Smit
* * * * *
I Loved You
© by VENUS

In the shade of rock – silence of stone,
In the shade of silence, secrecy of the rock
Shadow above shadow I loved you.

When the earth rumbled, and the sky was
troubled by resound
When the fire was made, and silent flame remained,
Inside the burned tales I loved you.

When warm valleys couldn't understand
traces of passion
And cold mountains got disturbed by three words
With all four seasons I loved you.

When you hugged me, truly kissed me
And grabbed my neck slightly tighter
With the scarf around me,
on behalf of desire, I loved you,
on behalf of spite, I don't love you anymore

I will love you again - if I want to.
Q: How do you write
Lyrical Poetry?

A:  I think of a man, then I
take away accountability
and reason, allowing
feelings to run smoothly.

* * * * *
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