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Venera Lokaj-Smit
© by VENUS

It's going to be so beautiful
He was thinking of something delightful
She will put on something sexy
Angels sang around dexie
As I smiled at their fantasy
Rather motherly
He intruded fatherly

I will have my white shirt on
With cuffs open at dawn
She likes that style in Me
Within her fantasy
As I face winds across the sea
As I sit over a hill with mountains on the view
Dreaming of that true love one day to pass through
And sweep me off my feet
At a heart beat

I'm sorry to you all
With charm smiled He by a waterfall
On His face a look of ecstasy
As I kissed Him gently
Within his fantasy

Intoxicated He seemed to be
She has set her heart on Me
The dashing one from the balcony
Who loves the song she was listening to
As I was passing through
Loud and clear call - me to adore
He shall reign forevermore

Our Love is Platonical
Satirical Empirical
It's Lyrical Sensual
S P I R I T U A L.

January 11, 2017
Q: How do you write
Spiritual Poetry?

A:  I think of God, then I
take away accountability
and reason due to the
Man I sense in Him,  
allowing feelings to run

It is lyrical, philosophical,
dramatic dialogue of
rhyme and free verse.

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Category: Education