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Venera Lokaj-Smit
© by VENUS

Tell me you love me
I know You do
You love Me
Black shirt
Black pants
All in black
Like a dark knight
My American De-Light

I frowned at one after midnight
Unwilling to playwright
Just glance at God on the Cloud
Not the Man in Him out loud

So you like the calm Me - I see
The intelligent the wise Him
He knows I prefer
His lips finding tender I dare
For strength within his eye I do care

I'm disgusted by what you guys do there
I am then told
I'm sorry I said - you -
The Face of God meant humanity
Though no use of profanity

I felt sad
You're loosing her
You're loosing her
He got warned
That's fine - he too turned around sad
Not mad - that's fine no rhyme
But You love Her
Reminded He got
By Sir Lancelot

I'm disgusted by what you guys do there
I then told him
I'm sorry I said - you -
I meant divinity
Though no use of profanity

Gently I then scrolled up the screen
Touching His heavenly thoughts on Dover
Just so I can quickly run over
The Man in Him who fell down
Just to get a crown
Just to get a crown

There She goes
There She goes
To intonation He remained true
Tell me You love Me
I know you do
I know you do.

January 10, 2017
Q: How do you write
Spiritual Poetry?

A:  I think of God, then I
take away accountability
and reason due to the
Man I sense in Him,  
allowing feelings to run

It is lyrical, philosophical,
dramatic dialogue of
rhyme and free verse.

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Category: Education