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Venera Lokaj-Smit
© by VENUS

I kissed His gentle lips
Hiding the rest of His charming face
Kiss me again - He quickly said
No - I responded in bed
I liked it - I insist
I always know when by an angel I get kissed
Though under snow mist

So thats what I am - an angel after all
The prayer call and downfall

What do you wish to be - He asked beastly
Goddess - I said feeling free
Why - I heard him again asking me
So I can be next to thee
And play a game of chess with You
And win through

And then what would you like me to do
Run my hand underneath your hair or through
And gently pull you toward me
And start kissing thee and frown
As I lose my crown
Surrender in your gentle arm
As I embrace you with charm?

Yes - Goddess at Your glance
I said smiling at his style of romance
As I gave his lips another peek
Devilish pretending to be
Provoking me

That I will remember
The Spirit of God
Sounded tender

And His lips as I rhyme
I enjoyed kissing for the first time
This Monday morning at dawn
As the horizon gave birth to the Sun


I then heard him mummuring:

She's scared so tender
She's gonna melt upon my touch
She's gonna faint
What am I to do with a fainted woman
Turn her into Goddess?

She'll wake up
She'll be strong unafraid
She'll be powerful mean
Like any other married woman
Just worse a married Goddess
That petrifies me
That won't set me free
Her prisoner
Doomed to be

This way or that way
With or without consult
She's being so difficult!

January 9, 2017
Q: How do you write
Spiritual Poetry?

A:  I think of God, then I
take away accountability
and reason due to the
Man I sense in Him,  
allowing feelings to run

It is lyrical, philosophical,
dramatic dialogue of
rhyme and free verse.

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