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White Christmas
© by VENUS

I wish you would descend and be
As cold as you can be
So I run to thee
For you to hold me in thy arm
And embrace me with charm

A kiss may be OK
But two too warm for you
For it's coldness in thee
That brought this verse to me

And now I give it to you
On this morning dew
Treat it well in thy heart
Let enchantment be a part
Of what's yet to come
With the morning Sun

And as the moon beams light
We can call it a night
A holy or not to be
Questions never set you free

Thus let your thoughts be merry and bright
And your Christmas with De-Light
A snowflake or two
A glass of wine for me and you
A game of chess your pardonable sin
And the glory for me to win.
Venera Lokaj-Smit

The Spirit of God
Hi, Again
White Christmas
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