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Original Composition: «For VENUS» by Elisabeth Dicker
2015 - Thank You Dear Liz
The Color of Love
Featured on Aerva's 'Wall of Love'
(digital billboard ad co.)
New York Times Square - Seconds of Fame
Feb 14, 2014 - Thank You
It is the way
he stands by my side
No matter how I think
Paint or write

It is the way
he holds me in his arms
Whether I talk
Laugh or cry

And when everything around
seems black and white
It is the way he makes me smile
That is the vivid color of love.

To my wonderful husband of 15 yrs, my New Yorker, the
city where my dream came true & to the World:
Happy Valentine's Day :)

YouTube Honors for Venus' artistic videography
2011 - Thank You
Jo Salmoretti's Dream - by Venus
Honors (1) Category: Education
Patrick's Blues - by Venus
Honors (3) Category: Education
SirKeyMaster's Passion - by Venus
Honors (64) Category: Education
Pride & Prejudice - by Venus
Honors (11) Category: Education
Claudio's Rainbow (Nimon Lokaj's Art)
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Power of Imagination - by Venus
Honors (17) Category: Non-profit & Activism
THANK YOU - YouTube for Honors &
Friends for Comments - Love, Venus
2011 US Army Appreciation
2011 - Thank You
Letter of Appreciation from President Clinton, The White House, Washington U.S.A.  
2000 - Thank You, Mr. President
Teacher of the Year Award
Europe: Decani, Kosova
1994 -Thank You  
Europe: Kosova, 1994
USA: NC, 2001
USA: Homeschool, 2010
Global Internet Awards for Web Excellence
2000-2007 to Venus: the artist & globalvenus
Thank You  Webmasters
Best Halloween Costume Talent Award / self-designed / 2nd place
Prudential John Koenig Realtors
2002 - Thank You Agents
USA 2002 - 2nd place: Venus ~ roleplaying Audrey Hepburn 'My Fair Lady'
1st place : Real Estate Agents ~ roleplaying Wizard of Oz
1st place: Drama competition
Peja / Decani, Kosova
Europe, 1989
2nd place: Poetry competition
Prishtina, Kosova
Europe, 1992
1st place: Poetry competition
Belgrade, former Yugoslavia
Europe, 1987
First exclusive Art exhibit - New York, USA
2000 - Thank You  
Venus favorite articles about her art, poetry and views
To all wonderful journalists who appreciated my work, talents and thoughts - Thank You
by Steven Erlanger, USA
Thank You
by Nadia Wynter, USA
Thank You
by Ann Mancari, USA
Thank You
by Mirdita, Albania
Thank You
by AlbaSky, internet
Thank You
by Bota Sot / H.Hasanramaj
Thank You
by Kliton Nesturi, Albania
Thank You
by Tirana Observer, Albania
Thank You
by Fatmire Qorraj, Kosova
Thank You
Venera Lokaj-Smit ( VENUS )
Artist, USA
Honored on the CD cover
of the Majestic Composer's music
For VENUS ©by Elisabeth Dicker
Bognor Regis, United Kingdom
2015 - Thank You

((( A composition for piano in D flat major in a classical style )))

Genre: Classical: New Age
Release Date: 2015

Album Notes
"This composition has been dedicated to a lovely friend I have
made on Google+..... She inspired me by seeing her in her video's,
her poems, her poetic comments, her art, and above all her
kindness! She's truly a great artist, and feel honoured that my
composition has been received and accepted by her,
and hope that my listeners will also like my composition rightly
called "for VENUS"..... ~
Elisabeth Dicker
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