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Venera Lokaj-Smit
Philosophy of Writing
© by VENUS

Writing is a Wonderful Feeling !

I, sometimes, ask Muses who sing of Love and a World of Freedom,

When I'm asleep, when I'm awake, when I use my brush, when I use my pen,

To stand by me so I can tell of this wonderful feeling

And passion I have for Human Nature and the World around us,

And in No Lady Hestia Evans Disguise, I, Venus, live my dream today

paint and write from somewhere in U.S.A.

I love Free verse in poetry, sometimes I enjoy using rhyme

And Dialogue I prefer in a story writing.

Although I enjoy what I do and spend countless hours, days, weeks and months

giving life to a story on canvas or on paper,

I stand by Da Vinci's quote:

'One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself !'

Q: How do you write
Philosophical Poetry?

A: I live through spring,
summer, winter and fall.

* * * * *
Category: Education

The Day will come
for love to descend the stars
and Smile will win
there will be No tears
no need to pray
A Day without worries and sorrow
And We'll be there
to work and create
amid trees of green
and red roses
full of shadow
and Love true
There will be children
talking about tomorrow's Dream
Me and You
and we'll grow old
Living the Day.

More Philosophical Poetry written by Venus
( sunshine duel )

I fear not such fire such flame
Reminds me of love and passion
A matter of choice a game
Imagination just as hot as true
Determination Persistence
Nothing less of you.
I dare face you
Challenge you through
A game of chess
A glass of wine or two.
And as you keep your distance
Silently caress me too
I feel you in me
You feel me in you

Don’t you.. Don’t you..

Q: How do you write
Lyrical Poetry?

A:  I think of a man, then I
take away accountability
and reason, allowing
feelings to run smoothly.

* * * * *
Category: Education
More Lyrical Poetry written by Venus
«The Curse in Children's Eyes»
( war zone 1999 )

Alone under the sky
Alone upon the earth

All is buried
but the curse
in children's eyes

Q: How do you write
Dramatic Poetry?

A:   I witness, survive
and tell the truth. There's  
no imagination in it but
pure raw non-fiction

* * * * *
Category: Education
More Dramatic Poetry written by Venus
«The Source of the Voice»
( dialogue story )

Grasping Life,
a man leans on her chest,
holds her tight and
bursts into tears…

“ I will tell you a story,” her voice whispered…But you must

stop crying first.

“ Is it a Ballad? ” the man asked.

“ No. That’s a story of tragedy, adventure, betrayal, and

jealousy.” ........
continue reading here

More Dialogue Stories written by Venus
Q: How do you write
Dialogue Stories?

A:   I play chess.

* * * * *
Category: Education
( art story )

Paintings you're about to see
are moments of his life he shared with me.
I was 23 years old Artist.
He was poor.. deaf.. and mute.
He could not hear nor speak.
But he liked my Art!

He used hands to communicate..
the 'Sign Language'
And this is what he told me:

....continue reading here

Q: How do you write
Art Stories?

A:  The subject picks me..

* * * * *
Category: Education
* * * * *
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