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Women in Tears   
Kosovo art recalls the "bloody spring"

by Ann Mancari

The artist and poet, Venera "Venus" Lokaj-Smit, a native of Kosovo, has a serene manner, and her smile
projects genuine warmth. There is a sharp contrast between this beautiful young woman and her art.
The pain and anger in her portraits is so evident that it almost hurts to look at them.
The portraits depict real women, most with heads covered in mourning cloths.
Not shown are the dead husbands, brothers, or fathers they kneel over, or cradle in their arms.
One anguished woman, newly widowed, has a child's smiling, uncomprehending face pressed against hers.

These are the "Women in Tears," drawn in 1998, when the Serbian military raged through the country-side
of Kosovo, killing the men... and brutalizing the women. She expressed herself in the poem,
"The Cry of the Portraits," about the women she had drawn.

This is the first showing of her powerful work, and no doubt it will not be her last.
One Day
I'll be there
With the Cry
Of Portraits

And you will see
the Tears
I saw once..
The Cry
of the Portraits
Established to foster
Global peace, prosperity and justice
United Nation's main objectives:
Prevent War and Safeguard Human rights

Both Objectives failed.

War and genocide hit Europe in 1999
Kosova - a burned land !

In my art
UN Secretary General
looks Sceptical the whole time
I'll leave the rest to History!

Europe, 1999
All Rights Reserved.
"America my Dream - my Reality" -  New York, 1999
Wonderful Comments
by YouTube  Friends
This is definitely one of your more powerful
videos - very powerful and poignant.
As always, your agile artistic skills capture the
essence of the message with gracefullness and
integrity. Simply fabulous!

I am extremly touched by "Women in Tears "...
Deep expressive heartfelt drawings !
Thank you Venus for creating this Precious
important work ..!
I must say, this is a very powerful depiction of a tragic event our human history .... Thank you for the post.

Wow...Powerful... The essence of sorrow and grief and despair is captured in these fleeting moments of the Kosovar women's lives... fleeting moments in
terms of time but everlasting in terms human existence and experience.

As a woman and mother I couldn't help...tears running down my face.
A picture is worth a thousand words. Excellent paintings.
Congratulations dear Venus.

Hi Venus,
What can I say, I'm lost for words, your art as captured the pain and agony these women were exposed to, with every line you've drawn, there's the burden
and sadness that although we have seen many times in photo's, is amplified through your drawings. The elderly lady at the end, her eyes just stareing
into a abyss, worry, sadness and a loss etched into her face, these drawings to tell more that the eye originally sees.
Sad but wonderful work. Best wishes, Mark

Your pictures are breathtaking of reality !

My greatest and sincere respect for this masterpiece! I am very touched by these drawings! It can be seen in the tears of all women suffering this tragedy!
Very sad, but like I said ... a true masterpiece! Thank you Venus for this great work !!

Mike Lacey:
Hello Venus, I was captivated by this video and the message. Your paintings are indeed beautiful and this video definitely had the desired effect.
I was moved to tears watching this. You have a beautiful heart my friend and it shows in your paintings. Mike L.

I have seen you on some of my friends channels and thought I'd take a peek, You are quite remarkable, anyone with a little talent can draw a face,
but for one to capture emotion such as this has a true gift, and a grand eye for detail. I wish you much success!

Dear Venus, I love this video . The tears of women it can be poweful with inner strength and sensitivity as I see in your art work .
To me personaly the tears of women , it is not sign of weakness . I love what I read " Harm you do to others will come back and hunt you............
"The big universal is watching what we are doing . Live and do with good concious ,it will leads us to inner peace and strength . I am so glad you post this
beautiful video of your wonderful art, Yiling

Fantastic, profound video Art in this one film. Much appreciate the expressions in your work, any piece of Art is hard to describe it speaks to my heart and
I feel your  work in my heart. The emotions are pouring from the visual expressions of your paint, brush whatever you are using to do the amazing work.

This remains for all time a masterpiece!!!'