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In my first match with Phil I remained seated, because I did agree with him, our poetic correspondence was a Duet in a sense,
tone and it was a result of Sunday - it felt spiritual. Indeed, this time, I had to stand, for every word he wrote, letter, sound was a
Duel, it was a result of Tuesday and continued on Wednesday – it felt chivalrous, so I threw the gauntlet:
‘Submit’ I said to him ‘your vocals’ and I brought forth my vocals and Voilà!
In French it means ‘See this?’ in public, within this beautiful global crowd we created another beautiful rhyming verse:
Ah! How jealous Seneca would be if he were this to see!

This time is vocal though, and no Duet rather a Duel. Yet, peaceful it is, educational and entertaining.

What you hear, below in the video, is a real, public and unedited on-line google+ correspondence.
It is poetic, rhyming, vocal, and beautifully feisty between two genders, and profile photos depict the body language of main
characters within the setting that inspired my poem Gentle Waltz and Phil’s reaction thereof.

The video is educational and entertaining for these reasons:
If you’re a man: you may just learn how to attack like a gentleman
If you’re a woman: how to defend yourself like a lady
If you’re a child: you can touch base without closing your eyes nor ears
If you’re a musician: you may learn how to enchant with lows and highs for all ages
If you’re a poet: you may learn how to enjoy word game with integrity intact
If you’re a doctor: you may learn compassion
If you’re a lawyer: feel privileged; you’re seeing both sides of the coin
If you’re human: you will learn and truly love tolerance
If you’re supernatural: welcome to our world filled with kids too who like to just play

In a less formal writing:
Having in mind, that we do spend a great deal of our time and life within this global library without borders, I hope that if you stop
by our Gentle Waltz, you will enjoy your time here.
When I shared my poem, Genlte Waltz, on google+ with friends, I really had in mind the time difference between America and
Europe, and was truly hoping that my friend Phil would be asleep, but there he was, all awake… chivalrous too…
Once again, both of us saved by our dear friend Liz from England, polishing our temper with her beautiful enchanting music.
And the three of us together share behavior quality, I believe, and artistic tricks to keep insanity away, it may just flee by
embracing positive attitude of that human spirit: We the People!
March 15, 2017

Non-fictionate, public and unedited on-line g+ correspondence
Knights: VenusDeArt - VS - PhilsSkills
Setting: Google +
Land: YouTube
Nationality: American vs Scottish
Origin: Illyrian vs Thracian