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StatueFromAlbania ©by VENUS
Actionable Thinking & Contemplative Thinking
Statue from Albania
Category: Education  
Figure of Speech: Personification
April 5, 2017

Personification means to give human qualities to anything or anyone that's not human,
and turn an idea, thing, abstract noun or object into human. In this case human qualities
are given to a soulful statue I found on google search. The poem is the direct interaction
between the artist and the artwork. Statue Impression: Jesus Christ

It's not about LOVE
It's about Pain
It was always about Him and Her
Always about
Me & You
And it will always be
About Not being free

Volare is beautiful
You are beautiful
And I am SAD

We shall meet
One Day

That's IT?

You want more?!

Nel blu dipinto di blu
Is not about being blue
It's about Him and Her
Always about
Me & You
Nel blu dipinto di blu
Is not about Me
It's about You

you want more...

We shall meet

This girl is going to make me fall… and I am thinking…
I can’t look at her blue eyes… she will see my desires…
“You have desires”
I do!

VENUS: You’re happy to be down here - with Me
STATUE: Yes & No
When I’m here – I miss what I do up there
When I’m there – I think about You most of the time
One of us has to either come down here
Or come up there

I gave You a nice hand
I have a nice hand (arm)
I look at it and I say

Holding Him in my hand
I then danced with him Volare
And as I swirled and twirled
I asked Him: “How did it feel?”
And He said:
“It was breezy”
Thank You Venus
The first above portrait is sketched with ColorIt pencil in C014 Warming Grey
I then created a second sketch of the statue with ColorIt pencil in C022 Autumn Copper
With the second sketch I then watched beautiful fireworks in Phoenix, Arizona and then danced too and it was Tango