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© by VENUS
Original Art
self - portrait
* * * * *
Bethoven's Silence ... Wagner's Die Walküre
The pleasure and the misery of your senses
I was, am and will remain the inspiration that intoxicates You
The poetry You so much wish
You could read between the lines
The emptiness that strikes in your chest

From a rain drop I turned You
Into a sun shine
With all Your fire warmth within

Love Me Love Me Not

Your face on a Cloud I saw and I think to myself - What a GOD - as I go
In Art - He brought out the best in me with the steady stream with the flow - the Glow
And the font of the title you see - Antonio Vivaldi is to be
Bethoven's Silence loves Him - the Four Seasons love Me

And I'm silent and He's free

Go Away Stay With Me
And He's silent and I'm free
As His light beams rapture Me