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" I choose to believe that the lights, like in your evening painting of Phoenix and St. Mary's Basilica
will shine through as a beacons of hope and that the river of tears turn into a sea of love and tranquility.  
Peace be with you, yours, and all of America my courageous friend.

A Sad Day in America: Women Weep!
45 Sketches - Presidential Election 2016
" Dear Venus♥ you're definitely the "Goddess of Art", words, images... always a fascinating pleasure to read, watch and
listen to you! Did you watch Maureen O'Hara as Lady Godiva? Splendid actress! Wish you a wonderful evening! Ohhh!
So much delight to read your comments and replies, my dearest♥ Venus! It seems I'm reading a poem!
Yes, you write poems! And when you speak... you recite... your voice sounds like a violin enchanting our Hearts... you show
passion in so delicate a way... I also miss the Elegance, the Romance, the Magic..... of other time....
I wish you a splendid new day surrounded by Beauty and Romance! Ksssss from my Heart♥

Elizabeth Abrantes as Ginger Rogers
Portrait from Photography
" The Beauty, the Splendor, the Depth, the Meaning, the Thoughtfulness, the Nourishing aspects of true Art… the LEGACY…
cannot be described with simple words - but it can all be felt through your most magnificent and giving creations: THANK YOU so much, my dear friend.
You are outstanding and such an important and much needed part of our world.
Much LOVE & RESPECT to you, always. :))♥((:  

Legacy (ELISABETH) ~ by Venus
USA / England 2013 - 2016
" Only a Goddess can perceive the magic of clouds where thoughts of heaven, and sometimes some fabulous creatures take refuge.
It's a great privilege you do to all of us by sharing such a wonderful gift. Autumn will be back soon. Where I am currently, the flight of clouds gets denser.
My dearest friend Venus, I want you to know that in each of them, there is a tender and friendly thought for you, from me.
Puisse ton ciel être limpide et serein, parsemé de quelques nuages d'or et d'argent, pour abriter tes rêves.   
Always with love and respect

On The CLOUD ~ by Venus
Washington USA 2015
" Such a perceptive and beautiful presentation! Art at it's finest Venus! What a gift you have to be able to see beyond the norm and reach
right in and grab its essence. In this case, to perceive and paint the image of God himself is amazing and what a moment when his face is
revealed!! To also know that his love fuels all of your amazing artistry is just wonderful. Excellent work again Venus!! Best,