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Wonderful Comments
by YouTube  Friends
(( PART I )) ~ The Shroud of Turin

Gilberto V.
Venus, your pastel painting "The Shroud of Turin" is nothing short of a miraculous masterpiece.  The mystery man in the shroud is
finally revealed.  I loved the theme and technique of creating the whole being of your subject with autumn leaves. The colors of the
leaves evoke an earthy, warm, and strong character as well.  There is also a sense of compassion, wisdom, and integrity which you
brought forth when you eventually opened his eyes and peered into his very soul.  
Your subject spoke to you and said, "decipher me."
Oh thou Venera,  how well you listened and poured your heart and feelings into finally revealing the true essence of the mysterious
man in the shroud.  He is a man for all times and seasons and so is your artistic talent.  The scripture that impressed me while
mesmerized by your painting is "I Am the way, the truth and the life... I Am the light..."  In awe and admiration...thank you, thank you.
As always,  love to your heart and light to your path. ~ Gilberto V.

Wow, your artistry, the music and poetry combination are Super Nova Venus!!  As the video scrolled up and presents the opened eyes
and Light beaming forth.  Semplicemente Incredibile!!  <3 Ambriel

Exquisite.....And I have to say it's truly amazing to watch you create these masterpieces....your hands mesmerize me the way you caress
your your choice of music...:)) <3 And I thank you for allowing me to watch an artist at work something I have never
done before... By the way I love the close up of the eyes it's as if they are piercing my soul.....and somehow make me feel at peace......

amazing work of the One who died for me.....your work is always amazing!!

Dear Venus, your Gift and Inspiration truly come from above. I have followed most information on the Shroud of Turin for decades, It was
Miraculous to see you bring life to the face of, the Son of Man. For you it must of been a moving experience, for me It was it was like
bringing him back to life again. I praise you for giving us a chance to witness your Revelation on canvas. Best Wishes, John

We believed this "Shroud of Turin" is real through by Faith. I've learn and seen this Jesus-Shroud, so many years..... so far, this is first
time I've ever seen portrait-Painting of His actual-Image on the Shroud Of Turin***  This painting, means so much to me and particularly
Dead-Face, become Alive, Resurrected by your hand's and all your might and all your Soul!!! I've read your words above with this Miracle-
Painting-Of-Jesus's-Shroud-Of-Turin, by You Venus!  I've got no more to say or anything.. because You-Did-It-All  
God bless You and your loved one and family with good things and your-hearts-desires.... also good health! Thanks so much,  with all
my heart, Chong

Venus, a truly amazing and greatly inspired masterpiece from your beautiful mind and fingers :-) You have literally taken the "image"
seen in the famous shroud and brought it to life in your own is so warm and it breathes and it speaks so beautifully
of your faith, everything in your mind and deep, emotive and intelligent! The use of the leaf shapes is absolutely brilliant
as is your amazing choice of music. All three pieces are so well chosen to also illustrate your feelings and I really loved that.
Yes Venus, you have certainly done HIM justice in every way and your faith whispers true in every sense of this great piece of art!
BRAVO!! ~Jackie

Beautiful beyond words, dearest Venus!
Blessings of Love & Light!

The way you caress your creation, raising it to life with so much passion and love is simply amazing... touching... marvelous in every
way .....thanks for being you, dear Venus, always sharing Beauty through your Artwork so  delicately.... vibrantly....

You are an incredible artist and a master of production and presentation. This has such a tremendous impact and is worthy of praise
beyond words. You are extraordinary Venus and I'm so happy and privileged to know you and your work.

Oh Venus, I thoroughly enjoyed watching you create this beautiful painting of Him! I've said it before and must say it again, you are a true
artist! The choice of music was also brilliant, congratulations on this wonderful achievement, and thank you for sharing it with us all! My
warmest wishes and love ~ Liz

♥​ Beautiful dear Venus ....I love this artistic expression .. with love ,care and respect    allowing for the image to appear  and unveil itself
from your heart ...which in my feeling is what is  essential and speaking to my heart most !!
Thank you dear ...

Zuzanna Musial
Dear Friend Venus
The Shroud of Turin is a MASTERPIECE and it is one of the best!  
It is definitely the best, and I am sure the man in this picture wanted your hands to do this immaculate work.
It is a blessing to see the LIGHT and the rays straight from His eyes. The rays tell a story to those who will be looking at this work of art.
The painting is alive, it is and as you spoke to Him he even became like a living Soul among us. Such a magnificent Piece.
I am short of words about my personal feeling in describing the wonder that you've chosen to create.
May the Light shine  always on your life journey. May this light be your guiding Light forever.
We all need the Light.

(( PART II )) ~ Shroud of Turin - I Wanna Know Thy Name

Jared Brodersen
Ah, the world-famous and beloved Shroud!  Extremely beautiful and stunning work of art, dear Venus!  You definitely highlighted His
beauty to the max and the colors you used made Him come alive!  This is the very idea my father (ex-artist) always talked about doing,
but never did.  You actually made it happen.  They say it's the closest picture to the real Christ ever in our history, as I'm sure you already
know.  Extraordinary job, Venus!  And of course there appeared a radiant quality in Him unlike any other figure, as He created us all and
is one of a kind.  I'm sure He was smiling down from Heaven as the Creator watched His creation painting Him.  You want to know His
name?  Well, he's got many.  One of my favorites is: alpha and omega!  I loved your deep and personal poem about this experience.  
Yes, your glass is half full after finishing this beautiful work of art.  Let your cup runneth over. I found this part of your poem interesting:
"Such darkness I’ve met and conquered such shame."  I wonder what kind of darkness and shame you overcame.  Anyway, thank you
for sharing this terrific video.  You really are amazing!  I loved the background music also.  Makes me feel like Christmas is near.  God
bless you.

An amazing poem and you recite it so beautifully with so much are so creative and talented...thank you for sharing
your amazing work with Lou x

Classical Jams - Passionate Piano
Venus, a warm and beautiful recital of your great poetry, while showcasing your great and very emotionally stirring portrait of Christ!! It is
a very emotional subject and the mystery of the great shroud is brought to light in such a caring and loving way!! I also love the great
composition of our friend Liz Dicker playing in the background, as well as Bobby Vinton's version of Oh Holy Night. Bravo Venus for your
amazing artistry and emotional depth!! Wishing you much peace and love, ~Jackie

One of the most important questions of these times,unlocking the mysteries of the Shroud. Thank you Venus for illuminating this
subject and shedding light on the possible true face of Christ. Your talent shines through, all my best to you Venus, John

Liz Dicker
Dearest Venus, I don't know what to say, I feel so honoured that you used my music in this so beautiful video, the poem is exquisite and
just love to hear your voice reciting....The song Holy Night was a real pleasure to listen to whilst watching again your so beautiful
painting of Him and see his eyes open! Thank you Venus for this wonderful share! Much love and hugs - Liz

Wow! My darling Venus what a brilliant new video you created. I was glued to the screen hypnotized watching this breathtaking
masterpiece. Amazing and beautiful as it can be only from you darling Artist, poet, and very talented presenter! Thank you so MUCH for
the time, the creativity and the real beautiful Shroud of Turin that I can watch over and over. It pulls me in and shines with LOVE. The love
that only can be felt from the Lord. Your poem is truly enchanting, magical, mystic to - a joy to listen too.
Your intonation, your diction is so well done, I am touched deeply and shaken by the brilliant work! Thank you so much for the
FANTASTIC film that is outstanding!
Repeating after Tom Clark...Massive THUMBS UP!! ~ Your forever admirer, Zuzanna

Gilberto V.
Beautiful recitation of an incredibly moving and passionate poem.  The music by Elisabeth Dicker and Bobby Vinton is divinely soothing,
uplifting, and inspirational.  May the world come to know the power of hope, faith, and love through the ministry of your art.  Thank you for
this very special and profound share.   Blessings to you and your family.  ~Abrazo


Your Voice is now my favourite Sound .....
Your Art is now my favourite Source of Inspiration .....
Your Name is now my favourite Noun....
Blessings of Love & Light  ☼

Dearborn John
Looking for that devine intervention, a smile from above. So it has been and so it shall be, a wonderful personal account Venus. Thank
you so much for sharing your experience. Best Wishes, John

So wonderful. The eyes of the Christ look alive.  Yours is my favorite Christ art Venus.  The recital was music as was the music you
chose.  After music, there is nothing more precious than art.  Thank you.  Much Love - Ambriel
P.S.  I love your very elegant wardrobe.

Ten Commandments! When we keep this 10 commandments.... there will be no suffering.. no tears... no wars...  How so precious
commandments from loving-God to us all.... Thank you for this wonderful-film  of your creation that shines all the more ~ ...with love,

Elizabeth Abrantes (Lizzie)
My dearest Goddess Venus, what a unique upload! A masterpiece of profound comprehension of what is essential for Humanity....
Your Art and your wonderful Presence deliver so much Beauty and Consciousness  for this World of ours!...
Thanks for sharing your Faithfulness and your Love through your divine Art ♥my dear Venus... you give us the Beauty of the Gods!

Classical Jams - Passionate Piano
Venus, your creativity and your faith know no bounds in this unique and powerful display of love, art, worship, and passion.  The Shroud
of Turin is brought to life in such a loving way on your canvas. Your interior monologue was very theatrical and interesting, too. The Ten
Commandments are great guiding principles of man and needed more than ever in this world today. I love the way you wrapped your
previous works into your presentation, showing again your own hand at work in your studio, revealing many of your previous portraits of
our friends, including myself. Thanks for including the amazing artwork you created for me, as well. Your brilliant use of the "Psychology
of Portraiture" always strongly underlies each work and allows the inner essence of your subjects to shine. Your faith and your love for
God, for humanity, and for your friends is evident and is the common theme that ties all of your work together in a very loving way. You
are a great artist Venus and should be very proud of your accomplishments! Have a wonderful day, ~Jackie

Wow!  Wow! Wow! Dearest Venus
What a wonder here, I watched twice before writing the comment. You have created a Magic a beauty and the Depth that is like a Living
Well of Light from the Lord. Your work is intense, magical, artistic, creative, beautiful, inspiring, loving, brilliant, Godly. I command you on
this beauty in your artistic inclination. I must apologize for being late but now seeing this I feel in ave! Absolutely stunning piece plus the
song by Christoper Dallo is fitting this magical Inspirational journey so well. The music by Kevin MacLeod is perfect. And you in this
entire work create the Magic itself. I love your voice the narration, the theme when the DATE comes into place..That is truly wonderful.
Thank you so much for the great video. It is to be admired deeply...Thank you my darling VenusDeArt = I admire your creativity and
shake my head in disbelieve your ability and talent really shines bright. Huge THANK YOU for the Journey with God
in the Ten Commandments.
Wished to be able to speak to you more but for now I must go.
Thank you again...Know that I love all your work and I admire your talented heart and soul.
Your sincere admirer always.....Blessings to you with much love.. ♥Zuzanna

Absolutely divine dear Venus, you always produce such beautiful video's, and this one is no exception! So nice to see everyone on
there, and yes, I saw my composition!:)
A big thank you for that, I hope you'll have a blessed Sunday!! Much love ~ Liz

I love your sequel to When Jesus Met Venus. always very creative so elegant beautiful scenes, outside you garden I love it and the
music by Kevin and the song by Christopher, awesome beautiful job. I love y see you paint and do your artwork, I'm amazed you're that
great an artist my dear Venus, great to see you at work on your masterpieces. and so incredibly beautiful you're like the goddess of
beauty. :) I always loved the Charlton Heston version of the Ten Commandments movie and the sound of God's voice in it, so perfectly
done, yours is beautiful too,very calm relaxed but still authoritive and in command. God gave us the Ten Commandments but none of
us can ever keep them all and not break at least one of them that's why Jesus came not to condemn the world but to save it. Love you
dear you're precious! :) XOXOXOXO ♥

Gilberto V.
'They who have my commandments and keep them are those who love me; and those who love me will be loved by my Father, and I
will love them and reveal myself to them' (John 14:21)

Jared Brodersen
Hi Venus!  Love your sequel to "Duet: When Jesus met Venus."  That was very funny and clever, once again.  Especially the part when
Jesus said to the Shroud "Ask her on a date ... they do that nowadays," and "Try being more gentle and romantic."  Haha, He probably
would say that!  He always gave good sound advice.  The Ten Commandments aren't always easy to honor for people.  Many struggle
with things like adultery, coveting thy neighbor's wife and stealing just to name a few.  But I can guess perhaps you meant, for you, they
are easy to honor and obey.  Always a joy to watch your latest works and to gaze upon some of your older material, such as the ones
you featured here in this video.  I still am honored that you selected me with your Mars project.  So, after a long break, I have decided to
display your work of me on the default photo for another time around.  You drew me as if you were looking through the eyes of God
Himself and saw someone who is not garbage or worthless, but valuable and significant.  Much thanks for your wonderful creativity!  
Talk to you later.

Ardiana Lokaj
Since the 10 commandaments exists before the religions, the faith belongs to god of course, and let's hope that the religions will be
applied as written and the love will overoule the world...
All religions,preaches, love and equality between people and that's hope this will become true!
Nice day my beautiful sister love you ♥

Isabella Peter Blue
beautiful! and you are soooo beautiful! Thumbs up! I subbed!
Ey, if you have time, check out my channel (if you could give a Like/comment on my last video, it would be so kind and it would make me
so happy!! I've posted a new vd "Dangerous Woman!")...and if you like my channel, maybe sub me back? I would love to keep in touch! I
really like your channel; it is super positive!
Looking forward to more videos!!
Have a wonderful day!

Christ - Jesus Christ!
Psychology of Portraiture
Pastel Painting 19” x 25”

Music Tracks:
Autumn Leavesby Paula Cole
Seventh Sealby Kevin MacLeod
Volatile Reactionby Kevin MacLeod
'Une Fantaisie' by Elisabeth Dicker
'O Holy Night' by Bobby Vinton
'Unrelenting' by Kevin MacLeod
'Smile from Above' by Christopher Dallo