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This is the portrayal of the image from the Shroud of Turin,
believed to be the burial shroud of Jesus of Nazareth.

Not ever seeing any real photograph of Jesus, I could not name
the image no matter how long or deep I stared at the image,
therefore I wanted to stay truthful to inspiration, concentrate on
feelings and feelings only that the image granted me,
enhancing the outline that was visible to my eyes, in hopes that
through feelings I could bring forth a portrait of an honorable
and quite noble soul I sense.

I kept his eyes closed to the end so I can concentrate on
feelings only, once I thought I reached the level of satisfaction
on catching the depth of his emotion, I then worked on opening
his eyes. It is why I included and recited my poem ‘O thou Man’
(on my video I shared on youtube) to encourage the portrait to
help me identify his eyes as it was little difficult to do...

I chose to make it a subject of my art through psychology of
portraiture because every time I looked at it, I felt a sense of
deep sadness. I felt as if this beautiful soul is trapped within
darkness yet with integrity standing!

So, it is feelings, emotions, love and compassion evoked in me
by the black and white image that made me want to portray the
image, however, besides the compassionate side I felt in him,
there was so much strength too that I saw, and such deep
sense of honor, and intelligence and wisdom, and I thought,
none of the artists portraying him have done justice to his heart
and soul!
The Shroud of Turin - pastel painting - 2015 by VENUS
The art process itself, to my surprise, turned quite mysterious
and enchanting:

Mysterious, because, the image you see in the video featured,
to your left here) the black and white version, which is thought
to be the ‘negative’ rather than the natural ‘sepia color’, from my
own process of painting, as you clearly see it, seems to be the
very opposite: I didn’t even look at the sepia image of the
shroud, because I felt no connection due to lack of feelings
within the image itself, so I painted as you see from the black
and white image and then via computer my own pastel painting
gives the sepia color (here in slight hint of blue)  as the
‘negative’ one! (
Black/White photo & hand painted original pastel sketch
It is only when I painted and was
successful in opening one eye, that I
felt sense of willingness in him to
speak louder, hence the track I used
‘Seventh Seal’ by Kevin MacLeod,
as it felt deep and obscure!
The Shroud of Turin - pastel painting - 2015 by VENUS
Computer Color filter / Negative of the sketch & photo
It felt as if I started with a father figure respected for his paternal qualities, which then turned out to look younger, flamboyant and
although of great self-control, quite active, deeply passionate and powerful!
Enchanting, because, the image you see, as I painted, felt like a beautiful, tender, kind, loving, respectful, living soul; very rich with
emotions, blended with pain, suffering but also sense of pride and triumph!  
I then used the third track  
‘Volatile Reaction’, by Kevin MacLeod,
because with both his eyes open, I do
feel a theatrical voice in him!

Through my art, I hope to have done
justice to this passionate soul I sense
so rich with emotions.

What I learned from this art process
itself, is that there are images we create
by hand from something as simple as
leaves or pastels, and those we touch
not and are there, and that you can’t
bring an image of someone like him to
life by framing him but by loving him!

The image from the Shroud of Turin
through my art, I believe spoke from the
start to finish, and it sounds like a voice
of many waters, and visually the portrait
qualifies for:

The King of Kings
And Lord of Lords
With a heart divine
And a wrath of God!

* * * * *

Psychology of Portraiture
pastel ©by VENUS
More than that, the process itself turned
stunning and quite shocked me once the
remaining pastel dust that I simply through over
another paper created other images instantly,
(as seen to your right here) not done by my
hand, which truly made me wonder as to how
they appeared instantly, why, and it felt as if
the image from the Shroud of Turin photo gave
something away, I simply could not understand,
so I moved on painting because it is all I wanted
to do – portray a good man I sensed, a great
man, highly intelligent, wise, loving, kind,
handsome and very passionate!
“Autumn Leaves”
by Paula Cole, is a song
I was listening to as I was looking
at the image before painting,
and it felt as if he was listening
to the song too with a sense of
longing and it was precisely then
that I truly decided to see if I can
create his whole being from
autumn leaf shapes, which I did!
However as I kept working,
bringing his features to life,
he started looking happy
and pleased and relaxed
and just simply so
respectfully and delightfully
present in the art studio with
a slight sense of humor too!