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© by VENUS
Ah, if I were Young
T. S. Eliot

Category: Faith
Character: T.S.Eliot
Logical Sense: I don't talk to dead people
Visual Experience: I sensed him alive
Addiction: NONE
It is Saturday today
They call it Sabbath day
I happen to know it as SATURN day
My name is VENUS
And today I spoke to T.S.Eliot
It is September 16, 2017

Here I was at World News
Reading on iPad
Looking at cardinal Pell
The emotion of his features
Connected me to the emotions of
The one that appeared to me once in Washington
"Ask Him to forgive me, when you see Him"
He asked me calm in an even tone
Unaware of detailed charges against him
I looked at the picture of
God I own
To compare the similarity of emotion
my God sealed me with a Kiss
For the very first time

The seal did not touch my lips
It felt like a protective film
And I told God that he's asking for forgiveness
And I saw my God sitted on a chair!?
Talking on a phone - swinging!!

I then switched to cardinal Pell's picture
As if patiently waiting for me
And he said
"Thank You"

And this means Not
That I met with God today
Nor that He forgave him

Though the seal felt slightly spicy
I chose to not drink nor eat
Saddened -
Alfred Prufrock crossed my mind
Quickly I found T.S.Eliot
Though sad, he too, slightly confused
He was so happy to see me

This may be the 1st
Christian Poetry

"You should be proud of the character you invented"
I told him - your
Alfred Prufrock I've portrayed
And he's made love to me
Without kissing nor touching me

And T.S.Eliot looked at the portrayal of Alfred Prufrock
With longing
I then showed him the holy presence
Of my God from which I portrayed Prufrock
Happily he twirled around his chair excited and
Uttered with a smile
"He's a schmuck"

"I'm gonna write about You"
He said as I air-smooched him
He stole the seal away
"Ah, if I were Young"
He said to me

I then saw a lovely woman writing poetry
Tenderly and kind she kept resisting temptation
A gentleman then grabbed her and kissed her with admiration

Not sure if this poem
Will change the world today
Like Four Seasons in USA
My God went from breezy to warm
Slightly hot back to cold

. . .

Here I am thinking of the end
I spoke to T.S.Eliot that day
And he wished he were young - today
If not till morning dew
At least for a kiss or two
If kisses are too much to bear
From England to America
I dare... dare...
From British back to American soon
We'll love him spoil him at noon
Barns and Noble that is to be
So his spirit can soar free
Socrates may join him too
With ZEUS on the view

She's from that land, to God, I then heard T.S.Eliot say
to this day

It is Monday today
And I saw someone looking like Christ-os
And he reminds me of the one
"From United Arab Emirates" waiting for me to set him free
With a chess game or two at Mirage without a due
"Where are you" - I dare ask
"At Sky" he smiles with a task

And I'm here to say
I spoke to T.S.Eliot that day
And he said:
"Ah, if I were Young."

Venera Lokaj - Smit