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The INK (Nimon Lokaj)
by VENUS: February 24, 2017

Throughout history of mankind, artists and composers regardless of their origin and nationality
have been emotionally forced to get inspired by the very heart of mankind’s suffering! -
Surrealism is one of the methods used both in art and literature as a creative potential of the
unconscious mind. It is philosophical and images portrayed are as the word itself - surreal
(unusual, strange, nightmarish, unearthly).
The INK original artworks you see in this video are surreal. They’re drawings of amazingly crossed lines under extreme patience,
skill and life time experience created by the ingenious Kosovar European academic artist Nimon Lokaj, my dad and my art instructor.
“When looking at Earth and seeing this light-dark-phenomenon, there seems to be more to the universe than random, chaotic,
purposeless, moving energy," he says, “Positive energy blended with reason brings forth a creative person - an Artist. But where
does this creative energy of the Artist phenomenon come from?" he questions: "Is it Privilege, Divinity or Provision!"

Regardless, his amazing ink art of depth and shadowing, brings forth emotional stories and awareness of human suffering in the
world we live in, occupations, nightmare, reaction, sacrifice, the concept of freedom never being free, and the survival of human
spirit. Through this brilliant artist and composer, through this slow lead-in and gradual building to an intense ink and musical climax,
I sense Revelation 20:2
“He seized the dragon, that ancient serpent” and I think to myself: O thou Man!

Accompanied by Kevin MacLeod's, the American composer and royalty free music producer's extraordinary music, “suitable for
fights evil, or a calm day at the park... in hell” as the composer categorizes it, the impact of this INK art is mind-blowing – out of this
world! Together, they genuinely bring Aristotle’s quote to my mind: “The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of
things, but their inward significance.”

Significant it is to know that:
Beauty lies Within.
photo ©by VENUS
video production ©by VENUS
Original drawings (INK): by Nimon Lokaj

music: ‘Volatile Reaction’ by Kevin MacLeod
Free & Royalty free

video production / writing
Authentic *Revelation at 2:38 in the video ©by VENUS
The INK (Nimon Lokaj)
*Revelation: the divine or supernatural disclosure to humans of something relating to human existence or the world (Oxford Dictionaries)