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portrait ©by VENUS
Psychology of Portraiture

Category: Art
Theme: Politics
Technique: Pastel
Portrait: Not finished yet...
Subject: Integrity

I remember  everyone running toward me
I remember I didn’t like the question asked
I remember it was war zone

They’re people of God – Monks
I remember I told  the reporters
He was not present

I remember he was further away
Sitted all by himself
I approached him
I spoke

No questions asked
I remember he enjoyed the pine trees
And my presence
Very much

Religion wasn’t a topic
I remember his warmth
Cold nonetheless
He listened

He was professional yet friendly
I remember he mentioned me later on
And didn’t forget my hair color and eyes
He’s a distinguished Artist

A critical thinker - a philosopher
A beautiful man - caring
A wonderful human being
I remember - he was a stranger

In my art – a virtue
His integrity – timeless
I speak to him often
Now – my friend

The magic you want to look at that says
Decipher Me
photo: Face of God - within a cloud in the sky © by VENUS
pastel portrait: Steven Erlanger © by VENUS
Venera Lokaj - Smit