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Psychology of Portraiture
by VENUS: March 26, 2017

Portrait is an artistic representation of a person.
Be that face and its expression only or face and the body language.
Thus, a quality portrait should reflect the person's inner self, the spirit, sparkle, the soul!
In order to achieve such powerful impression in a painting, Artist's natural curiosity and a gifted
ability to observe and capture the essence of what is seen and heard is crucial.
That's where Psychology gets involved:
The psychology involved is the interaction between the subject and the artist; it's about likeness and feelings; it's about what lies
beneath the surface; it's about how far, how deep can you reach one's heart, mind, one's soul.

Beth admires the actress Ginger Rogers, whose avatar she uses on her g+ profile, and feels spiritually connected to her. I
personally, always felt Ginger in her comments, very lively, almost like tap dancing through sweet words, yet I wanted to see Beth
because she sounds very kind herself, very intelligent, loving, fancy and respectful and I am very pleased she shared few of her
lovely photos, and the one I painted is the one that had such a visual likeness with Ginger’s spirit after flipping, let’s just say from:
‘science to faith’ :)

Science and technology are beautiful but they can truly be overwhelming and addictive, and through both at some point you may
lose yourself, but with faith, little style, hard work (determination) and little bit of luck, you may just be able to flip back, even if its
artistically only and enjoy yourself while occasionally playing roles you like instead of living in discontentment (dissatisfied with the
life you have).

My Goddess costume is to honor Beth’s visual perception of me as an Artist. She loves my art, writing, my poetry and the way I
recite the verse; she sees ‘The Goddess of Art’ in me without ever seeing me looking like one, and that is an honor, and although
it’s a shoe I wouldn’t be able to fit in, it’s a role I enjoyed playing here artfully. We can’t go to work looking like Ginger did in movies
nor any Goddess or any other character we fancy, because we won’t be able to work then, but we can surely play and enjoy such
roles occasionally! It would be an emotional danger however to believe that you are or may be the character you’re playing…

Kevin MacLeod’s music I chose for this presentation is free and royalty free ~ what a brilliant composer!
My favorite final track is ‘Bathed in the Light’ and the twirling affect I acted around the leaves was to show what I think bathed in
the light may be and it felt so beautiful, the experience does give you serenity and so much peace within, that shows in the outside
too, and because I was wearing this lovely outfit that is white, very light and flowy, the wind gave so much satisfaction to my whole
body and soul ~ it truly felt divine!

For aspiring artists: as I portrayed Beth as Ginger Rogers here from photography, I changed her body position, but not the body
language; I changed her hair style but not the bangs over her forehead; I replaced Ginger’s hand with her own but not the
emotion, I left her scarf she touches gently, and I left her own eyes unenhanced (no fake eyelashes) to keep Beth’s heart intact
and only flash Ginger through style and role playing. The smile remains the same - Indeed, delightful!

Dear Beth, I hope you enjoy your lovely portrait as much as I do.
Thank you for being an inspiration and now a beautiful work of art :)

So - What does it mean to be an Artist?
It means to be able to simplify the complicated and enchant all five senses via sixth through work of art.
And - What is Art?
Art is the magic that looks at you and says: Decipher me!
Hard to decipher such beauty within, be that in art we view or notes we read or words we write or sounds we play, the key is to be
able to remain as logical as humane as possible while being artistic, poetic, and inspiring!

Thanks for watching friends and wonderful thoughts you share.
Much Love♡


« BETH (Elizabeth Abrantes) as Ginger Rogers - VENUS as Goddess of Art »
Music (free and royalty free) by Kevin MacLeod

1. Piano Cue One
2. Luminous Rain
3. Barroom Ballet
4. Bathed in the Light

Photo of Beth, Ginger and poetic conversation on g+ by Elizabeth Abrantes.
Narration, writing, painting, filming, photography, videography by VENUS