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Tribute in Blue
America Divided
America United
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PAINTINGS: Oil on Canvas

My Art, in general, is thematic.
While photography shows what something is or looks like in a place, thematic Art
tells a story about that place. Just like in a thematic map where location is a key feature, in thematic
Art, title is crucial; that alerts and orients the audience.
It is artist's duty then to create the connection between the audience and the theme.
Once the audience is oriented, they're free to explore and discover.
And that is the Magic of Thematic Art, although quite difficult to create, I enjoy.
It's about the story behind the subject matter and the power of imagination.

When you watch these paintings, pay attention to titles and then concentrate on the movement
within forms and shapes - you will see deeper and beyond.  You will enjoy the moments within
your own thoughts..

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