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These are few distinguished global creative minds, artists, poets, writers, musicians, kind people and virtual friends
whose talent, music, art, poetry, creativity and poetic opinions I enjoy
I thank them all so much for these timeless thoughts they've honored me with (( Venus ))
Rick Clarke (UK)

I love your creativity Venus,
The fact you do it with a free and open spirit makes it very special and brings light to the world...
You are a fabulous spirit who makes my heart smile whenever I sense your presence in my
little corner of this virtual existence. Thank you for your kind and thoughtful words.
Your inspiration, your spirit, your passion and your drive is a shining beacon of light.
Long may it continue to inspire those of us that it falls upon ! Never stop doing what you do :o)

Scott  McGregor (USA)

Whoops, I accidentally hit the caps key, but since there are no accidents I let the words fall
on the page for a reason... All my life I have had a love affair with words...  By some over
Intellectualized  back to Greek, and others back to the ancient Phoenicians who designed
the original alphabet from Egypt.....
I say Alphabets are developed to convey sounds to another...Sounds are images from the
mind and heart with emotion... And while the rest of us have to struggle with a surgeon's
scalpel in our basket of lexicographic fruit to find the exactly correct word to convey
precisely what we mean ...... I say Venus is a genius with that with the PENnBRUSH.

Steve Paled (USA)

Hi Venus, how are you.
I visit your web site and there is not enough ink to express and admire your dad and your
brilliant art work.
You both capture the magic and the mystery of the art.
I am a friend and a fan forever !!!

Steve Paled
Arjeta Lokaj (Kosovo)

My dear Sis
When You create - Mountains get fresh air
And fields burst into green
When You talk - Birds stop singing
And butterflies rest on flowers
When You leave - The sky gets dark
And smile hides too
When You return in skyish blue
The rain stops falling the wind disappears too
The Sun shines again...
I love you Sis so much

kiss from Europe ♥ your sister ~ Arjeta
Jo Salmoretti (USA)

Dearest Venera,
Your poetry is not only emotionally charged and authentic, your words of wisdom touch us
to enlighten and inspire.  Your artwork also vivid and emotional, taking the mere essence
of wondrous living beauty, displaying for our eyes, hearts and souls to cherish,
truly leaving your mark. Your minds eye and your artful approach to all that you do is your
gift, one that you so gracefully shine upon us.

My wish for you is to always have not only the desire and the inspiration to create,
it is to also continue to share your talent, making a difference in this world.  (( 143 ♥ ))  

Jo Salmoretti  
New York, Boston, Houston.
SirKeyMaster (USA)

What is an artist?
For me, an artist is someone who can touch something deep within others and
communicate something that words alone often cannot. Even better if that artist can
combine this with strong technical ability. Well... Venus.... you are most certainly an artist
whose amazing work speaks to the soul. What a gift to be able to do this... always keep

Driton Kukalaj (Kosovo)

Hello Professor!

I'm Driton Kukalaj,
not sure if you remember me...
I just wanted to thank you
for all the lessons I took from You,
because I've truly achieved a lot in life
from the English I learned from You!

Driton Kukalaj (Kosova)

Tung Profesoreshe!

Une jam Driton Kukalaj,
s'di a po te kujtohem...
Vec deshta me t'u falenderu
per krejt mesimin qe kam marre nga Ti,
se me te vertet kam fituar shume ne jete
prej Anglishtes qe e kam mesuar prej teje!

Me respekt,
Chloe Ville (USA)

You are one of the most loveliest people on the planet...
and maybe Venus and Mars too.

*dazzling smile* HUG~
Claudio Alessandri (Italy)

Hi, my dearest friend Venus,
I send a special thank to you and your father for sharing your great talents.
Your Art and Poetry on YouTube gave me colors, words, emotions, sweetness,
beauty and more...
Art by your father Nimon Lokaj inspired me to compose my music 'Rainbow'.
I'm back to your great channel to fill my soul again with the magic colours of your art
and for wishing you a wonderful weekend. Thank you for your friendship.

Hugs and Kisses,
Rab Adamson (Scotland)

You have an eloquence and a grace
with a heavenly smile on your face..
In all you do reflects the many colors of You
Keep shinning!

You are a Star - Venus of De-Light
Glenn Covert (USA)

Sometimes the good things in life find us when we are not necessarily looking.
I am profoundly appreciative of coming across your artwork on You tube.
My senses were delighted by the beauty of Bloom , I was saddened by the tragedies
of The Woman in Tears., and inspired by God Bless the USA.
Whether by brush, written word, or video your artistic creativity inspires, enhances,
and enlightens our own understanding, meaning, and humanity.
Through your passion,talent, and creativity your work touches many and makes
a difference in the world and in the lives of all who will listen.

Venus, I think your best is yet to come and I look forward to the experience.....Glenn
Gilberto Quintanilla (USA)

Thank you dearest friend Venus for this wonderful Sunday evening surprise!  It is an honor
and a privilege to be included as one of the portraits in the Splendor of Mars.  
Congratulations to Phil and Jared for being chosen as well!  Like Tafa, from one of your
famous paintings, I am amazed and deeply moved by your selfless generosity and
kindness.  You tell your stories well my dear Venera in both your artistic portraits and
compelling narrations.  By the way, my favorite color is red and I have trained as a Master
Naturalist.  Also, I am a student of Psychology (Jungian persuasion), and a passionate
aficionado of the arts.  Thanks again for sharing all your beautiful talents with us and
blessings to you and yours!  

~Abrazo~  Gilberto V.
Zuzanna Musial (Canada)

Like a morning sun emerges, From the horizon,
her lovely paintings and a beautiful woman
with a smile shines on pages.
Venus work is fabulous, and with class, elegant to eye sight
makes a difference in life watching the display of such Art

Art that is a pleasure viewing...

My favorite picture was the one with Mother Theresa holding a child in her arms.
Thank you dear Venus for all that you do, just know that your talent will go a long way....
My warmest wishes for a success!

by Zuzanna Musial
April 17 - 2011
Ben Karanja (USA)

A boat at midnight sent alone
To drift upon the moonless sea,
A lute, whose leading chord is gone,
A wounded bird, that hath but one
Imperfect wing to soar upon,
Are like what I am, without thee...

For your Attitude / your Self-Portrait -  Luv it, V
Steven Mata (USA)

You inspire my heart and spirit to write songs...i'm trying to say thank you..

From my heart and soul i say this Dearest and beautiful Venus...You are kind and
gracious...warm and beautiful and thoughtful of others.....a woman of class and
elegance....integrity..honor and are a brilliant and golden treasure
(priceless) gorgeous ..lovely and radiant.........i <3 u
Nimon Mucaj (Kosovo)

Me zerin tend dhe figuren ti e mbizotron hapesiren.
Je e mrekullueshme !
Artan Pepkolaj (Albania)

Derisa tjeret u japin kuajve nje kendveshtrim
shoqeror, Une po guxoj t'u jap nje kendveshtrim engjellor.
Nisem nga piktura jote 'Krenaria dhe Paragjykimi'…

Ai SFOND i mrekullushem te ndjell  nje si mister,
sikur kto kuaj vijne nga thellsia e  parajses...
Sic thote dhe kryeministri yne "Kjo eshte nje mrekulli"...

E une them: S'ka sikur Ti !
Faleminderit  Venere...
Nexhdet Beqiraj (Germany)

Te pikturosh Nene Terezen, kete "Simbol te miresise se Shqiptarise",
nuk eshte nder vetem per ju, O Artiste, por nderon edhe jeten dhe vepren e saj!
Artistet si ju qe jeni e nderuara mike, i bejn "Simbolet Shqiptare"
qe mos te vdesin kurre!!!
Krenohem qe dhe une jam nga Dukagjini.

Te lumte, mike e shtrenjet, 'O, Yll Shqiptarie'...!!!
Ismet Osdautaj (Kosovo)

E shikova nje dite auto-portretin tend...
e shikova dhe mendova:
Rrezet e artit te saj pushtojne aq pa meshirshem,
vezullojne aq ngrohte, aq dlirshem...!!!
M`behet se nje Yll Shqip po harkon gjithandej
Globit , thash me vete nje dite....!!!

Faleminderit prof. e nderuar per videon e bukur
qe me ke krijuar! Dhurate e cmushme per mua!!!

On se parle bientôt VENUS mike e dashur
Tung !
Majlinda Hunda (Albania)

C'mbrese me la ky profili juaj, Venera!
Me padurim mbarova leksionet dhe dua t'ju komplimentoj.
Sa vajze (zonje) e bukur, e talentuar, e mencur, thashe me vete.
Sa vlera njerezore keto qe i pasqyron, sa shpirterore.
Me punen tuaj ju beni nderveprimin shoqeror dhe boten ku jetojme
edhe me te bukur, edhe me te pasur.

Ju rrezatoni miresi!

E s'ka sesi te jete ndryshe per nje femer Amerikane por me rrenje e
temperament Shqiptar.  Uroj per ju shendet, mireqenie, lumturi,
dhe muze artistike te pashtershme!

Paçi bekimin e Zotit, Venera!
Mirela Gazeli  (USA)

Dear Venera !!!!
Do te thoshja je yll qe ndricon ne qiell naten por  ndrrova mendjen  sepse yjet jane
te shumte edhe bien .... Prandaj po them je hene, se hena eshte e vetme dhe e
pazevendsushme ndricon aq bukur me driten e saj karakteristike qe ben gjithshka
me romantike ..... Si eshte e mundur te jetoj dikush pa henen !!!!????

Te uroj gjithmone te jeni te lumtur dhe te dashuruar !!!!!
Mirela Gazeli  (USA)

Dear Venera !!!!
I say you're a star shining in the sky at night but I changed my mind, 'cause stars are
many and they fall.... Therefore I say, you're a moon 'cause the moon is one and only
shining so beautifully with its special glow making everything more romantic .....
How can anyone live without the moon !!!!????
May you always live happy and in love !!!!!
Jackie Tsai (USA)

Oh, what a passion!

Created with a brush or your fingers...
it seems gift from God...
it seems inspiration from thee....

Oh, what a passion!
Your paint has lots of weigh on it...
your thinking a strong sensation ...
it makes me feel the moment too....
Oh, what a passion!

Created with yellow and blue and with lust
and with freedom to paint... passionate in depth....
Oh what a passion!

(to your Passionate Strokes dear Venus )
is a belief or
held with