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© by VENUS
The Architect & I
© by VENUS

Category: S E N S E S
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Knights: The Architect & Ondaatje
Tool: Emotions
Strategy: Love
The fourth sketch is his beautiful soul enchanted by words he recites calmly with an even deep tone - temper present in the video - not in
the sketch; He looks relaxed, pleased and attentive.

Supernaturally a woman was caught today (Nov 4, 2017) - a criminal - Hasimi wife - they said. Married to my grandfather once !!! - after me,
trying to kill me - in Vegas. She was in charge of a Live Show with the Canadian writer somewhere in her audience - there was a patient
there too - with bags filled with money - he looked middle eastern they said - too handsome wearing creme outfit - not worth it - I - the Artist -
said the writer I sketched magically. With them are two other women; one from Canada - fat and ugly stubborn Muslim acclaimed and
another from Canada, again, Bosnian Muslim Mathematician uncontrollably laughing, married to an angry Canadian army soldier I met in
Kansas, USA. They all sound spooky and angry and filled with circled receptors around their bodies connected to a machine... They did
catch the Mathematician - she looked utterly hopeless within her crime.
Trump is visible often with a key (NSA / walky talky WIFI)  in his hand testing temperature level within human brain !!!

Naturally a very sad feeling remains as I wonder: Why? Whyman - Why!
Las Vegas, NV
Psychology of Portraiture © by VENUS