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Ingenious Academic Kosovar Artist  
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Life & Death
has its own meaning,
in between there are

Nimon Lokaj
Europe / Kosova
International Inspiration

In 2011 the Art of Nimon Lokaj, after being posted on YouTube, inspired the talented Italian composer, Claudio Alessandri, to
compose a beautiful musical composition filled with lovely sounds, life and vision, just like the soul of the artist.

This international inspiration pleased so many art lovers from around the world globally on youtube, and the video
produced by Venus, received (5) youtube honors, under the category - Education.

Congratulations for this fabulous artistic collaboration to:
  • Nimon Lokaj from Kosovo
  • Claudio Alessandri from Rome, Italy and
  • Venera Lokaj-Smit (Venus) from USA
Wonderful Comments
by YouTube  Friends
Dear Claudio,

Your beautiful composition proves
that Arts know no borders and
can live together.  

Best Wishes,
Nimon Lokaj
Decani, Kosovo                                          
Dear Venus,

Your art and poetry on youtube gave
me colours, words, emotions,
sweetness, beauty and more...
Art by your father Nimon Lokaj inspired
me to compose this music."

Thank you for your friendship,
Hugs & Kisses,  Claudio
Rome, Italy
Throughout History
Art and music to our galaxy bring Sanity
The triumph of Humanity
Claudio Alessandri
I am very glad and honoured to be a part of this masterpiece video.
A special thanks to you and your father for sharing your inspiring talents.

Congratulations for your Honors you deserved,Venus~! Woo

Honors for this video (5)
#50 - Most Discussed (This Week) - Education
#78 - Most Discussed (This Week) - Education
#91 - Most Discussed (Today) - Education
#106 - Top Favorited (Today) - Education
#91 - Top Favorited (Today) - Education 7/28/11

What a wonderful video you dedicated to your father and artist Nimon Lokaj! Incredible paintings full of originality!

Most inspiring composition including Art from the Lovely Sir Lokaj and yours plus a great piano composition of Claudio Alessandri..
Moving video that truly touched me in many ways..Artistically , musically and as a overall great stunning work!
Thank you dear Venus, love, Zuzanna

Yiling Huang
Master pieces from Mr.Nimon Lokaj's paintings Claudio's composition , Venus video . Wonderful , inspiring message from "Ray of hope"
I feel very blessed to see such high quality of Masterpiece from 3 wonderful artists on YT .
Thank you Venus for sharing this beautiful moment ! Love and Peace to all of you - Yiling

Your Father's artwork is in a universe all of it's own!! Creativity is keyword to having all the colours of this world to choose from, then
mixing your choice into a whirlpool of wonder and excitement!! The music lends an extra element to the finished product of beautiful

Estelle B. Daniel
Dear Venus, thank you so much for sending me this beautiful video! it is just what my soul needs at this present time, God must be
working in you! It was just beautiful and comforted me and gave me hope. Much love to you and your family and friends, may you have
blessings indeed <3 <3 <3 Estelle.

Bravo ! Venus, Claudio, and Nimon.. BEAUTIFUL !

What a beautiful spot where your father was able to grow in love and art, so also he achieved melt in his magic crucible that glowing
element, that shines in yourself when you got the memorable reflection of his progressive art.
this with the beautiful art of music and poetry that you bring us today to give us his riches; is a real present
Venus, Thank you for your generous gift .

What can be more generous, more fine, more beautiful than this short piece where, are meeting all these incredible expressions of art
for giving us a ray from the sun of your personality. Thank you, my beautiful VENUS ... for your talent and amazing choices in matter of art.
I wish you, all the love and joy in the world! With admiration and much friendly love

A wonderful music, great pieces of art and words of love and affection that touch the soul ... could only result in an excellent video.
Thank you for your creativity, originality and good heart! I loved it. A rainbow of love from my heart to yours.

A breathtaking wonder of sequences, with an exquisite melody, Venus congratulations, congratulations to your friend Emilio

All what I see is so wonderful in your video. Beautiful and impressive painting, very nice words and your music selection is again fantastic.
I feel enchanted. Everything I like is united in your video. It is like looking into your soul.
Thank you for this joy my dear friend

Masterpiece , Outstanding , beautiful paintings , such divine music and beautifully edited Sandy and Chevellesisters

Wonderful and unique paintings. Well put together. I appreciate the great effort. Thanks for your beautiful share, my friend :)

MaRGiNa Catherine Margaret
Aw.. this was really magical :) amazing art and amazing melody....the best combination that took my mind away :) Congrats dear :)

Wonderful and magnificent music and artwork! The colors and hues are very beautiful! Thank you, for sharing this with me, Venus :)
Happiness, peace and love of the arts, always....Jerry

Excellent works on artworks and compose!!
I am happy to look at your magnificent video, and am also privileged to have a nice friend like you on you tube.

Mike Lacey
What a beautiful piece of music, combined with the brilliant art and video, you have made it a wonderful pleasurable experience this
morning. Venus my dear friend, I cannot thank you enough for making me feel so good this day with this fantastic upload..
God bless. Mike L.

Hauntingly beautiful for both the ears and eyes. Much talent here. Frank

Geninho Galvão  
Very touching! You have a great heart and a wonderful soul! All the best for you, my friend!!

Radheshwari Singh
Very serine and blissfully lovely!
Thank-you, dear Venus.
With Love, Radheshwari.

Ingrid Sala Santamaria
What a spectacularly heartwarming collaboration of the arts, dear Venus....the music, the poetry, the video. A unique delight!
Thanks so much for sharing and warmest best wishes from the Philippines :)

Art makes this world beautifully small ^_^

Simply Amazing! This song has such a nice flow! Claudio, I could float away listening to your music! I love it .
Thanks for providing me with such beautiful music! Love Rachel : ) Ps Love your Dad's Artwork too!

Amy Bourdon
You are wonderful Venus! so beautiful to watch and to listen to this beautiful melody. Amazing paintings!*****

Francesco Fanelli
How marvellous is this magic universe of colourful impressions and images and peaceful music! It is a fairy tale came true.
This is art to me: something that touches the innermost strings of human hearth.

The spirit of great artists! So poetic, so wonderful and so lovely!!

Rab Adamson
⋱ ⋮ ⋰
⋯❤⋯ I LOVE YOU ❤
⋰ ⋮ ⋱

Thank you for your Sunshine presence in my Heart and your beautiful video Venus

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