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Ingenious Academic Kosovar Artist  
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Life & Death
has its own meaning,
in between there are

Nimon Lokaj
Europe / Kosova

Nimon Lokaj was born in 1941 - Decani, Kosova / Europe

His figurative establishment started right after the graduation
from Fine Arts Academy in Belgrade, former Yugoslavia in
1968/69, where he participated in one-man and group art
shows in Tivar (1970), Titograd, Prishtina and other cities
throughout the country.

After 1970, N.Lokaj exhibited across major cities
of former Federation, including neighbouring countries.
Since 1970, he is a member of Kosova Fine Arts Association,
participating in all manifestations held by the Association
in and outside the country.

He has gained many recognitions and awards
of national value; 'The Award of December'
as well as international 'The Ninth World Painting Festival'
in Cannes of France,1977.
Nimon Lokaj at his home - 2011
"When looking at Earth and seeing this light-dark-phenomenon, there seems to be more to the universe than random
chaotic, purposeless, moving energy," says the artist N.Lokaj

"Positive energy blended with reason brings forth a creative person - an Artist.
But where does this creative energy of the Artist phenomena come from?" He questions:
"Is it a Privilege, Divinity or Provision?"

Creative path of Nimon Lokaj, is an evidence of his figurative artistic emphasis growing constantly to a higher level when it
comes to form, composition, sense, intuition and figurative judgement. Nature's sight-chosen, well studied and synthesized
lanscapes but also that inner throb of life and man itself for Nimon Lokaj are a constant preoccupation.
They are the lens of the eye and the output of the soul. His impressions are not delineating natural formulas, instead they're
deeper, based on emotional strength, thought and realistic frame of observation. And so his implementation gains upon the
projection of the light, life and esthetic dimension.

His artworks can be found in museums and galleries around Kosova, Europe and few also in the USA.
In October 1999, at an exhibition in New York, his pastel paintings that survived war and genocide of Kosovo's tragedy in 1999,
were considered to be extraordinary, imaginative and deeply thought provoking.

In 2011 a decade after he created 'A Ray of Hope' artworks, his art posted on YouTube, inspired a
"Rainbow" - a beautiful musical
composition by Claudio Alessandri, talented Italian composer, which proves Nimon Lokaj's statement that:

"Arts know no borders and can live together."
It is a misfortune that the last Kosovo
war destroyed over 300 of his
paintings during the burning and
destruction of Decani, Kosovo in 1999.
The TV station RTV21 showed an
evocative documentary, film about the
artist in autumn of 2001.

There came to light the grandiosity of his
work, which together with the nation
experienced the tragedy and genocide of
our 20/21st century in human history.

Nimon Lokaj still had the spirit in him to
move on and in 2002 organized
the artshow "Antropomorfa Shqiptare"
Albanian Anthropomorphism, under the
subtitle "Gjurmet - Traces"
The artist requested for this Catalogue, from the exhibition, suggestive titles and
guidelines to be omitted.

"I want art lovers" N.Lokaj said, " to feel free to explore, judge and imagine my Traces..."
Today, via internet, we're fortunate to
globally experience that Energy, Divinity
or Provision, which through the Kosovar
Albanian Artist, academic painter,
Nimon Lokaj, shines politely and clear.
Venera Lokaj-Smit
Those who are fortunate to know this
great artist and his work from
up-close, immediately realize how
human and reachable, yet very far
and unreachable to divinity is his

Combined with a beautiful, highly
talented, loving and caring wife by
his side and seven beautiful children
he's proud of, is precisely where his
creative strength dwells and so does
his greatness.