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May 4, 2016

Often people wonder what moral judgement is:
  • what evidence
  • law or
  • commandment
is needed to judge your actions or another's from moral point of view.
Of course, it all depends on the part of the world you live in, cause and effect.
Visually speaking: Frankie’s song gives me pleasure (a feeling of satisfaction and enjoyment, especially if there's wind touching
my hair) and gives me delight. So, I created a girl for him to thrill and make his wish come true in art; she’s his beautiful wife.

Frankie Avalon sang Venus (a song written by Ed Marshall and Peter DeAngelis) in 1959; married Kay Diebel in 1963; still together,
they have 8 children. To the beautiful inspiring couple – BRAVO in 2016.

His beautiful song honors the Roman Goddess whose qualities embrace love, beauty, sex, desire, fertility, and prosperity. That he
sang the song in 1959 and got married in 1963, is somehow a mystery…His marriage with love, beauty, sex and fertility inspires
family, happiness, health and prosperity. It may be beyond hands full though, thus, the statement:
Be careful what you wish for!

Poetically speaking: Not sure if my acting did justice to mythological Venus
Nor my portraiture of a faithful couple to God
But my point I proved and with sex it did not start
Though my name is Venus – VenusDeArt

Logically, spiritually and artistically speaking: this video is an example of how through careful weighing of evidence you can come to
a sensible conclusion and form a positive judgement thereof, on anyone, instead of a negative judgement.
Cause and effect should always be on your mind - one is always a result of the other.



* * * * *
Portrait: Frankie Avalon by VENUS
Music: VENUS by Frankie Avalon