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Beauty & The Beast
Cumming, GA
I. Reason: ATLAS
Level of Education: 8th Grade Finished
Attraction: White Colums
Surprise: 8 colums
Fascination: 8 more
Objection: Green Water
Suggestion: Blue ( always )
       Clear ( Proof Below )
II. Temptation: Statues ( female vs male )
Comparison: Floor Plans ( Appaloosa vs Arabian )
Winner: Male Statue
Objection: Color of Statues
Suggestion: Cream / White / Ivory / Fair
Reason: Outdoor
Code of Conduct: BEAUTIFUL
My Son is Blessed.
Finally, his DVDs and Atlasses arrived to our new home.
I finished teaching 8th grade - homeschooling my son.
Beautiful white & blue baloons ( 4 + 4 ); a carrot cake ; candles ( 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 ); no zig-zag when it came to colors.
I love my husband: " It took quite a lot to find them" - he said.

Few Atlasses over the fire place.
Seeing my son
excited over certificates ( K8 ) and glowing with beauty and joy, I chose to drive to Barnes & Noble.
He has many Atlasses I thought, but " He needs one more ".

I really wanted to get him a new Atlas.

New in town, as I made a turn, I heard people saying: She missed it!
They were wrong! - I arrived.

Barnes & Noble, no matter where in America, projects a sense of majesty.
And Starbucks was outside - gracing the town all by itself.

I paused after I parked my Grand Jeep Cherokee - it felt like a little City.
Not a village with little people.

A female statue was there and I didn't feel attracted to, though I approched.
I found few Atlasses,the beautiful one featured is the one I bought.
It costed 115$ + taks.

There was a beautiful notebook I got, just for the clasp!
It makes a really nice sound when you fold the side!
The design attracts me too - but that wasnt the reason nor the beautiful quotes inside, though charming.
And then, as always, GODIVA, to top the gift for sweetness.

On my way out, I stopped by White House Black Market.
I was so happy to see the store there, in hopes I would find my cream pants I enjoy wearing.
"Take that out of the rack" I hear a woman saying.
"No I really don't want to do that" another said.
I even see the first ugly woman turning around!
BRAIN Power vs BRAINnet.

There were no pants whatsoever there; elegant nor sophisticated.
Mine have been taken down / out few years ago by a Psychopath / Woman / Ugly as Hell on Earth!
Everyone else pleasant.

I brought what I bought inside my Jeep and as if the SUNSHINE wanted me to stay!
I saw myself walking against the ARROW - It felt strange!

It was about the Colums!
They attract me immensily to just walk between the lines.
The path is always mysterious - calm - demanding!
8 COLUMNS !!! Modern Roman, I would call the style.
It is not the style that brings the explanatory mark to the view - it is the number.

I have to bring Errol here, I thought, he just finished 8th grade; lovely place to walk around.
And then I saw 8 more on the other side - uncounted earlier in time.

Algae - Not good! I thought!
Breathing bacteria feeding upon Algae causes disease.
The water should always be BLUE.
Algicide & Clarifier ( or a better solution ) a must, if money available to the little City.

I loved the Code of Conduct.
BLUE makes me happy.
Not just any blue: It is VENUS blue = BELLA blue = SKY Blue = TRUE Blue
Not Sapphire Blue.

I looked at the man sitted.
I exchanged few words with.
Privacy of talking.
I left.

I sensed unhappiness in him!

I turned around. I looked around. Few other statues right there - same color - dark.
You want to turn cream ! I thought about MAGIC & MYSTERY of LOVE without SEX!
I touched the white column - it was really cold!!! CEMENT - I thought.
I then touched the right hand of the statue - it was warm enough to call it HOT!

As I write this enchanting story I think loud to myself:
The statue must be one of ZEUS annoying Angels!
As VENUS ~ Roman Goddess of Beauty & Love ~ I agree with the statue's sentiment:
Due to heat in Georgia, statues should be fair, light-skinned, cream, white.
As I type, I hear a young man saying: " The skin color bothers me !"

I'm assuimg he's White - the statue has to be light ( whatever the shade of white )
I'm assuming he's Black - the statue has to be dark ( whatever the shade of black )
I'm assuming he's Asian - the statue has to be olive ( whatever the shade of other than white or black )
Imagine ZEUS here!
I see him nowhere ~ not even in Statues !!!

JUDGING:   I  -  II  -  III
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Publishded: Monday 23, 2018
Update: Thursday 26, 2018
Barnes & Noble   
What a Joy - a beautiful feeling.

I wanted Errol to see ZEUS Columns & it is Dan that drove us to the little City.
A beautiful surprise waiting for me - it's been only 3 days since I've filed OFFICIALE a coplaint on my / MYSTERY  article
No Algae!
May GOD bless the Gentleman that accomplished a task that is Holy in nature.
Water should always be Clear
Through my BRAIN Power due to a crime that BRAINnetters are commiting toward humanity
  • I see a lady wondering what could turn water blue so it looks like a pool
  • I then hear Dan complaining that sprinklers weren't on
I only CONQUERE to clarity of the water for health issues - Here's Proof - it is Enchanting
The rest is truly a Luxury
The RED see through silk SCARF with a scent of OBSESSION is still with me
Though no ZEUS in site ~ the Sun is still shining
And I GAMBLED to show how I, VENUS, would pick the Castle & The Beast as BELLA
Motives Questionable
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