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Once Upon A Time...
"Some myths say Zeus created mankind, but most say that it was Prometheus,
who moulded shapes out of Earth in imitation of the gods' appearance.
Athena breathed life into shapes, while a brother of Prometheus made other shapes
that became the animals and beasts.
Zeus was not pleased, but he did not immediately attempt to destroy mankind."
~ wrote Lady Hestia Evans from Greece in Albanian disguise (MYTHOLOGY)
A story I wanted to tell - Yesterday
At the Autumn Picnic in USA
But the Child looked way too serious
The Fish was way too thoughtful
The Sponge couldn't stop laughing
And the Easter Bunny so curiously enchanted

The leaves were all ears
And the World remained silent
Behind my back at the very first line
Once Upon a Time...

I said nothing at all
And took this beautiful picture instead!