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Portrait of Leonard Cohen (Dance Me To The End Of Love)
Artistic Content Videography
«LEONARD COHEN - Dance Me To the End of Love» by
music by: Leonard Cohen
Wonderful Comments
by YouTube  & Google+ Friends
Steven Mata
Class and Elegance and.......Romance!
Venus, you are a Brilliant Artist...(in my humble opinion a beautiful creative Genius)

Gilberto "Gil"
A toast to your passion and love for life dearest Venus!...Exquisite interpretation through dance, song, visuals, and art of Leonard Cohen's Dance Me to the End
of Love. From the use of the scarf, glove, balloons, sketch, wedding danced us through the seasons of life and touched our very souls.  
Loved the poetic sketch of Cohen...all in all, a great performance. Cheers!

Megan Lewis
You are an amazing artist!  I love your work. was fun seeing you dance so beautifully during the video as well...precious!  
:) Megan

You share your painting with the bonus of an explanation; it's a fact of extreme generosity.
It's a magnificent work of art,congratulations...hugs.

What a beautiful sketch, dear Venus. You are so gifted.
It was a joy to watch the bliss between your husband and you. And all around looks so classy and dreamy. Just beautiful!
Wishing you all the best my dear friend.
Hugs ~ Andrea

What a singer Leonard Cohen is: he defines beauty in everything he does: and this song is one of my favourites of his.
Who doesn't want to be danced to the end of love? This is so beautifully interpreted Venus: you show through the magic of the years how dancing to the end of
love is an experience that "dances to the children who are asking to be born, dances through the curtains that our kisses have outworn", his words are poetry of
the soul; and your drawing of this brilliant singer is fabulous: you have captured the essence of everything he represents. I don't know if you have seen him live
Venus: but if you get the chance: seize it: worth every penny and you come out feeling so good. I loved your family collage; and you dancing with your husband,
and I loved how you caught the spirit and fire of L.Cohen in your drawing. The artist's interpretation of the artist. Simply beautiful.

“Avoid the flourish. Do not be afraid to be weak. Do not be ashamed to be tired. You look good when you’re tired. You look like you could go on forever. Now
come into my arms. You are the image of my beauty .”

Lesley Collier
Wow!!! Dear +VenusDeArt,
This is absolutely wonderful, a testament to both Leonard Cohen and your love!
So romantic and exquisitely performed alongside your wonderful work of art.
Thank you for sharing this with us. I'm handing you back the Oscar, dear lady, with a standing ovation! x

Venus, youre a true artist, beautifully done, and what a lovely sight to see loving couple :) Very sweet :D

Hi Venus :) This video was beautifully presented. Cool how you shared two of your biggest loves, your husband and the arts.
Thanks for sharing these moments! ☮

Absolutely awesome interpretation, dear Venus!
I love this song by Leonard Cohen and you created a most beautiful video!
I wish you everlasting Love & Light & never ending Inspiration!

Karen Eng
Wow, such a wonderful painting Venus! How gifted an artist you are! And love the dancing as well! :)

+VenusDeArt wooow! Venus... this is beautiful! what a great and stunning drawing. amazing art works, and you dancing with your man really gorgeous...
sorry for this late response, but love your works as always, Happy day dear Venus

Love Poems
Hello dear Venus. I love this song and your artistic and exceptional sketch! You are so talented. Just perfect work as always!  Congratulations!
Much love and best wishes to you, Aleks.

A masterpiece made with love...and talent!!

Dear Venus - .....Thank you for the wonderful portrait of LEONARD COHEN.
The dance was the most wonderful part to watch and at the same time glance over your work it was a true magic!
It is very lovely to see you being happy and enjoying what life offers. It is the most important thing to be happy in all that you do.
It is great to see your smile and happy. Have a beautiful summer now I will be checking more often. Hope that you forgive me being late. My Wishes for you:  
love, happiness and all your heart desires... Sincerely yours...Admirer always...Zuzanna

The video makes one stop and think of life simple moments, yet very profound when you look at the details...Truly MAGICAL!
~Thank you again Dear Venus!~ Z.M

Aneema Music
I come by to watch again… Venus: I have no words for your touching presentation.  Could add nothing, that you would not have already embodied and
presented here through featuring this incredible and one of my all time favorite songs, by drawing your magnificent portrait or that's shown through sharing your
wonderful dance scenes, featuring your beautiful family and their bonds. A gem of a video - it touched my heart. THANK YOU.

Awesome video. Great painting. Lovely song.
Congratulations dear Venus. Added to my favorites.
Thanks. Love is all. Happy summer - Dimitrios

Spirit of beautiful dance, move your thread into resonance with the romantic swing of your creative hands, all about the beautiful, lovely flight,
your inspiration leads to the reverie of beauty. Congratulations my endearing friend to boost that unique path of beautiful artistic creation.

Great artist!
Thanks Venus!!

Jagdish Rao
Dear Venus: This is an amazing video, combining as it does some beautiful dancing and your excellent art work being created 'live' !.
A great share...thank you....Jagdish

Sean Huddleston
Wow this is awesome!! You are awesome. You make beautiful art!

yvan mcgregor
Psychology of Portraiture
Dance Me To the End of Love

April, 2014

This sketch portrait is created with finger touch and blend, one pastel only, listening to this
particular music and from one of Mr.Cohen's many photos and live videos I observed. It is my
visual interpretation of Leonard Cohen's beautiful soul of a man, poet, singer-songwriter,
musician, author and artist of great depth, sense of humor, perspective and beautiful hypnotic
attitude. I used light only, to sketch him out of darkness, with one pastel: pale blue (gives a grey,
white tone) and black pastel touches here and there just to enhance dark shades. The overall
presentation shows the psychological process involved to be able to give life to a human being,
on canvas or paper. It is quite difficult to achieve a portraiture that reflects the very soul of a
person through a sketch only, therefore psychology involved is a must.
"Touch me with your naked hand
Touch me with your glove
Dance me to the end of Love. "

How could I resist such love and passion!
Yes, sometimes the subject picks the Artist:

Combined with an easy dance with my husband,
I filmed for my brother's wedding, and few other family
moments, I visually interpreted such beautiful lyrics and
love through different generations and throughout life
time, from young to old age.

Leonard Cohen's voice commands attention and peace
within. It is why I did a sketch of his portrait through light
only; no color. It is very relaxing to me and I hope it has
the same effect on you and makes you feel that love,
passion, magic and mystery of a man's soul..
However, if you pay attention to the portrait at the very end, you will see it reflects deep pain,
deeper than love can ever cause!

My dad,
Nimon Lokaj, once said: " When looking at Earth and seeing this light-dark-phenomenon,
there seems to be more to the universe than random, chaotic, purposeless, moving energy," he
then adds: "Positive energy blended with reason brings forth a creative person - an Artist.
But where does this creative energy of the Artist phenomena come from!" He questions:
"Is it a Privilege, Divinity or Provision?"

Whatever the answer may be, if you like the sound of Mr. Cohen's voice in music, please do Not
miss his
live speech from 2011,  he gently allows you to dwell into his soul;
~ the source of his voice is divine!

* * * * *