LAS VEGAS - July 2013
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The Road Trip to Treasure Island (LAS VEGAS)
«The Road Trip to Treasure Island (LAS VEGAS)»
by Venus // music by Kevin MacLeod

►Filming, photo & videography by VENUS
VQuality: 1080p HD - Cam: Sony 50X HD

►Royalty-free music: by Kevin MacLeod

● Kevin MacLeod's music, I chose to present my journey,
is so beautiful - indeed!  I do find him to be a brilliant
music and sound track composer! He is global.
Sounds he composes are anywhere from gentle, relaxing,
classical, rock to adventurous, mysterious, legendary and
epic in every sense of the word!

His website quite a magical island and his words next to
tracks are short, profound and poetic. He is quite a treasure.

I thank him for his contribution to human mind and soul.
Through his music I was able to exhale the message I
poetically inhaled through this road trip.

Enjoy ♥
All people are different.

With different thoughts,
ideas, wishes and
dreams. Each one of us
aims different directions..

It takes a Leader
to appreciate all he hears
and sees, yet lead
the right path.