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May 18, 2016

Somewhere in between, as I was sketching friends during my summer vacation:
  • God interfered
  • The Cloud
  • Shroud of Turin
  • Christ - Jesus Christ
  • Genesis
  • The Lord of the Land and
  • 10 Commandments
As I share the meaning of Legacy, featured is the portrait of a great friend and majestic composer Elisabeth, contemplating at
the piano, next to her granddaughter; followed by portraits of Zuzanna, Christopher, Daniel, Peter, Alexander, Liz, Beth, James,
Steven, Arjeta, Capt.Rick, Kumhui, Jackie, Aneema, Gilberto, Phil, Jared, John, Ambriel, Leonard, Clark and Frankie.

Few other portraits are visible but the attention is given only to artworks I created during my three years of living in Washington
U.S.A,  a period in time when Elisabeth started composing in England. It is also the time when many of my friends on line
enjoyed so much my art process I filmed, so they can see me at work and how I create and the many stages of development
within the portrait I share and many I don’t. It is the time I then with great pleasure wanted to sketch some of the virtual friends I
have never met but feel so close to as we freely share our talents and thoughts in search for answers, peace and love.

Having in mind that somewhere in between, as I was sketching friends during my summer vacation, God interfered, The Cloud,
Shroud of Turin, Christ - Jesus Christ, Genesis, The Lord of the Land and the 10 Commandments, I say:
Legacy (ELISABETH) ~ by Venus
Portrait, Writing, Narrating, Filming, Videography
Psychology of Portraiture

Que Pour Toi  by Elisabeth Dicker

*BOLD FONT in this article indicates titles of all video productions with artworks created by Venus, while living in Washington, USA  (2013 - 2016)
I believe we're in charge of ourselves
I command my hand
to invade canvas or paper

My senses experience
warm, hot, wet
and occasionally
freezing sensation

Spiritual it is, too
I connect my brain
my body and my mind
to give life to a story

That may one day catch
someone’s eye
reach someone’s ear
touch someone’s heart
and live through other’s mind

For a virtue and a gift that is
to humanity
To be able to create
and inspire

For a better me, a better you
Not alone rather, together, through and through
And this story somehow in between
Began sometime in 2013:

While in Washington U.S.A.
I woke up one day
Somewhere in England the composer
Found her pathway

Her name Elisabeth is to be
Retired, happily married and free
Two operations recovered her reasonably well
No cancer visible underneath pastel

She started sharing her music on YouTube
On g+ her talent and kindness we all met
Sometimes at sunrise
Sometimes at sunset

Same time same year
The Road Trip to Treasure Island, I shared
Las Vegas with you
My family, friends, God's wrath, too
With brushes pastel and pen
I created every now and then:

The Space Needle
Isometric Perspective
Leonard Cohen
in light blue
And with Annie -
Beautiful America - too
With my son, I shared
The Road Trip to Pudget Sound
Operation Thunderbolt at Mount Rainier
Besame Mucho with my husband without fear
O Captain! My Captain!
How to reach a Compromise
The First Snow Fall in Washington
"With the Task before Me" ~ Lincoln
The Night Before Christmas
I surprised darling Zuzanna too
Followed by a Rainbow
Happy New Year on the view
The Light of Peace I personified
On Valentine's Day
Through Christopher I shared -
Loving Daniel - my way
The Ink - by Nimon Lokaj
And that glare -
Passion in the Air
The New Moon
If Trees Could Talk to Humans
The Roads I Travel By
And Reflective Thinking - simplify
And after a
Gentle Knock - for Pete's sake
And that
Gentle Waltz admired by the Scotts
for VENUS like majestic proses
Elisabeth composes
What a pleasure a joy to be
To live the day and be honored by thee
To Elisabeth gracefully I said - Thank You
God I wrote - Love You இڿڰۣ

I then introduced
Peter much better
Alexander and Sophie through Sunday Letter
For Liz (made in U.S.A.)
And Beth (as Ginger Rogers) enlightening our day
James and I over a desert saw Mirage out of blue
Then in Washington witnessed
Duel Against the Sky too
With guitar and faith in him,
Steven rocked the grim
Arjeta suggested landscapes of olive tone
Statues of liberty with iPad and Cellphone
Capt.Rick to Neptune cold said - Goodbye
Venus warmth and Mount Sinai
Along I kept the Angel of Music too
But they blocked that art from the whole world view
When through venetian blind muses grind
I created
Gone With the Wind
In tears I prayed to God
For Peace in the World
Autism Spectrum and Vision to be Restored
And then: Behold!
On the Cloud - He trode
Some whispered:
The Antichrist that may be..
'That's the Old Man in disguise'
A knight firmly spoke to me
Many faces of Him I then brought to thee
charming crown for all to see
Except for the Kiss - he stole from me..
The Old Man in disguise with such skill?
Oh, I so wanna see him drill!
With such depth of fantasy in my head
Kumhui, Jackie and Aneema fought instead
Enchanting with charm
Gilberto, Phil and Jared like smoke alarm
The Shroud of Turin
The Cloud and I then spiced
Christ - Jesus Christ!
The Son of Man foregone
Got blessed by
The Four Blood Moons
We brought them all to you
Shroud of Turin - in 10 verses I then wrote, acclaim
I wanna know thy name
And when my lipstick came off
Genesis blastoff
With all his might
He destroyed
Toward the Light
A fearful Duel meant to be
But not for all to see
Rather a
Duet we shared instead
My Four Seasons
My amendments
Beams of Light
And the 10 Commandments
Through Ambriel's Peace and Tranquility
I then shared Faith
And as I marked the Highlights
I recalled Composer's overwrites:
"Please perform at your own pleasure!"
Turned into a motto to treasure

To Moses they say
God directly spoke
And I believe
friends, to you and me
Through our arts and a fantasy
And as I leave the state
Toward silver or golden gate
Though Sex often tops any ecstasy
In Washington, my art ends

Something you hand down every other
From one generation to another...

* * * * *

With family, friends and that feeling of God's presence
connecting us all, this Mystery has been a visual de-light
and an emotional tor-ture!