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After the invisible SHOT
in the head ( someone
invisibly gave me a shot )
while at home) I noticed a
gentleman toward the evening
( through brain power - visual
siluette ), monitoring the
entire home around me!

I felt his concern!
But I got troubled worse!!

Instantly I felt anger toward
Master's Father right after
toward my husband Dan.
No one gets it, yet they all do!
I Never VENT!
© by VENUS

Category: Reading to the MASTER
Location: Cumming, GA
Knights: Master's Father vs Colleague
Tool: iPad
Strategy: Beauty & The Beast
* * * * *
Tools: Art / Revelation
Visual Resemblance to Bella: Rugova ( Daqja )
Home: Charlston Bay
SENSE: 21st

Man's Voice: Wait.... Wasn't aware of this ( got to read it )
Article:  MASTER
Reader:  Jesus Christ ( Politics )
Artistico Courturo © by VENUS
I went and hit the floor ( figure visible to me ) ( his head ) really hard with my shoes, in hopes he would feel what I'm feeling!
His soul felt it and he covered the head with wide first aid White Sterile Gauze Swabs
" Polyester / Rayon non-woven pads for unbeatable absorption.
Ideal for stemming bleeding wounds and dressing cuts, scrapes and grazes."
( )

I was so sad as I like him !
His quick thinking made me slightly smile !!!

" Would you do this for real ? " I felt like he asked me!
" I would rather die " I said

Next day, my husband made it home safe and sound.
As I wanted to erase the shoe marks, a soft tender face became visible!
It reminded me of my uncle's 1st wife ( Daqja ) from my mother's side.
He could be her brother, I assumed, as I have trully forgotten them all - It's been a long time - Im still busy working ( for free! )

I didn't hit his features, I thought, hence REVELATION!
It is where Psychology gets involved.
Somewhere in between is Psychic - Mentalist some say: Souls seem to trust me - I feel honored!

You seem like you've been beaten ? I said.
By him - he responded ( no voice heard - internal interaction )
I looked at Master's Father: like speed lightning he made me aware that it's not a big deal!
I looked at the beaten one and just as fast he made me aware that it is a big deal since his left eye is closed completely!
So is my right one, Master's Father aware-d me !

I looked at the beaten one: '' Long time ago " felt like he said.
" Recently " Master's Father dougde balled him.

As it is sad seeing them both hurt; there's this sense of friendship between the two.
Though the aim seemed to want to reach the verdict: GUILTY
I hear a judge saying: And this would VENUS call ?
TIT for TAT I said: Free of Charge

Master's Father is not to be held in Contempt to Court.
I wish them both well.


The EVIL present is a skinny man portraying himself as someone who's teaching Law!
What a looser! A fuckface! A VAMPIRE!!!

What is Vampire?
Vampire is someone who feeds upon your brain ( intellectual property ) invisibly.
Guilty of Charge to the Vampire.


Both visuals ( men ) are within a gentleman's face ( giant ) : Right Side
It feels as if he says: You're too close to my face!

Cause: BRAINnet
JUDGING:   I  -  II  -  III
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