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45 Sketches / video production ©by VENUS
When Integrity meets Obscurity
La Storia della Tortura
Category: Education / Personification
March 22, 2017

She loves Me, He says, in her obscure way
The quality of not being easy understood
She loves Me, He says, in her delightful way
The quality of being felt
She loves Me, He says, in her mysterious way
The quality of not being able to say
He loves Me - Bethovenian way

The quality of being silent He - feeling Me
The quality of hearing the sound of the whisper

…………………….. I  L O V E  Y O U …………………….

Consider using concise language - Word Document warns Me
And I move on to thrilling you
In love with Integrity, as Integrity loves Obscurity

Winter Emotions – cold - and it is March
*Fast and Furious will be back, his ring to collect at dawn
And you’ll never understand this one

*Ocean’s 13 may go down to *12
And the World will not fall
To oblivion… Oblivion…

Integrity and Me - Obscurity and You
No fears… Fears…

*The Da Vinci Code *Inferno *Angels and Demons
Have just been the beginning
The rest soon will be, Integrity and Obscurity both in Me
In Him I always see *Rush Hour *Rush Hour2 *Rush Hour3
And this is how you fathom Poetry

Blue-rays … here to stay … CHASE Tower too
With the American Flag on the view
P H O E N I X – And So They Came

*Only One Star Can Bring All These Stars Together
M A C Y ‘ S – Shop Whenever You Can
*Bridge of Spies… BLUE-RAY + DVD + DIGITAL HD
T O M   H A N K S – better than all of the above

Fascinated by Intellect - I walk on heels – I need to tiptoe
I say to myself as I go – I am a Woman

I love you Venus, He keeps saying
And I feel pain - and I love Him
Yet, it is deeper felt than written..


And one day, another woman and other man
Will write poetry as they look at both of you
And We’ll read them together He said to Me
As I wrote this Poetry
And - I don’t know – to myself I say
I just love - this - now – Today – not everyday
This moment.. This pleasure.. This You and Me
gods seem to envy

Not Religious - I’m Faithful I’m Free

The quality of *Adagio in G Minor, on Earth on the Sky
*The Face of GOD and I are meant to be this way
‘Till Independence Day - Confidential L.A. - Off the record

Can you deal with that!

Not for US - Born to be free - The Face of GOD and Me

She hears Me… Doesn’t Love Me… Doesn’t Want Me… Can’t have Me
I N T E L L E C T U A L L Y.. S O U L F U  L L Y.. I N D U L G E N T L Y
She feels Me

The Earth and Heavenly bodies, Physics and Chemistry


And I see Him.. Don’t Love Him.. Don’t Want Him.. Can’t have Him
I N T E L L E C T U A L L Y..  A R T F U L  L Y..  S O U N D F U L L Y
I feel Him

P O E T I C A L L Y.   S E N S U A L L Y.   P R E S E N T.
love.. passion.. pleasure.. pain
Watch attentively

L O V E  M A K I N G

coming soon...               

When Integrity meets Obscurity - Obscurity duels Integrity

La Storia della Tortura.