Taking pictures is one thing,
knowing why you take it is another

Throughout history of mankind photos have
been shared with family, friends and the
world for personal and professional
reasons. Although I do enjoy snapshots with
family and friends, I tend to lean toward a
deeper meaning of photography:  
Why am I taking a photo, what feelings do
I wish to resonate, what is the story I would
like it to portray, how is it going to make me
feel and what will others see in it, feel and
possibly learn from it too.

Simultaneously, Composition is very
important to me as well, where and how
elements are positioned, the ambiance and  
the colors. Having all of the above in mind,
I then emotionally get involved with the story
thus turning myself into the subject matter;
its almost like playing in a drama or silent

My self-photo you see to your left, I took in
2010 to accompany a poem I wrote
" When the rain falls ", I then presented
my poem and my photo images on my site
and facebook to share with friends;
also made an art video of it blended with
music for youtube.

My intention was to visually make the theme
of my poem more comprehensible to the
viewer and of course evoke emotion and
inspire artfully. Is it an easy process ?
No it is not. You have to be the 'actor, director
and the subject itself'.

Yet, if it turns out to be inspiring then
it is truly  worth it, magical and mysterious..!
To my surprise, one of my photos touched the heart and
the mind of a great Kosovar romance novelist from over
the ocean, who then sent me his manuscript and kindly
requested my photo for the cover of his book.

A year after in 2011, the photo was honored as the cover
of his intriguing romance novel, "Edhe shiu ka goje"  
(The rain speaks too) by Besim Hoti.

The magic and the  mystery of this photography is that
although I knew why I was taking these photos at the time,
I did Not know that one of them will inspire to a point of
becoming the cover of a book; maybe because:

When the rain falls ~ The rain speaks too !!

Venera Lokaj-Smit
" Intrigue.. Romance.. Love.. 'Edhe shiu ka gojë'  is a page turner" ~ VENUS
All Rights Reserved.
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