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Tafa's Story
Wonderful Comments
by YouTube  Friends
You're an amazing artist, but you're also an incredible writer!
I don't this it's ever happened to me before where I read a description on YouTube
and wished I could purchase the book that goes along with it. I really wish I could
have seen Tafa's face at the showing. Thank you for sharing your story! ☮

Hi Venus, Simply awesome! You are so talented, it blows me away each time I
see your work. Never stop doing what you do! You are a gift from the heavens!
PS Thank you for the immortality ;o)

If he's not "dead" that's also because of you. His story turned immortal through the
colors you gave to it, the expression and the story that you so brilliantly presented
us. Genuine and refined, it seems you can immedesimate into someone and
reflect the soul's projection as if you're painting with teardrops.
Poetic and chilling.

Daz Is Back
Emotional, Evocotive, Challenging, Mysterious, Demanding, Powerfull , Beautiful,
Sensual, Provocative and timeless are just a few things that come to mind , and
as for your paintings they are fantastic ..

I am speechless. The artwork is very powerful. It took my breath away. The music
that you chose fits your artwork. The video is put together very well. And your fans
will be left mesmerized. Congratulations.

There are no words enough to describe the emotions you gave me with this
touching story, these awesome artworks and these deep words, colored with the
wonderful music you chose.
You are not only an incredible artist, you are a great teacher of art in the most
complete meaning of the word and a source of inspiration for everybody.

Wonderful art! Wonderful presentation of artistic creation! A touching story
unfolded, wrapped in an exquisit piece of music!

« Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for in doing so, some have
entertained angels without knowing it » Hebrews 13:2
You have got a beautiful reward by your choice!
I am enchanted not only with your artistic talent but also with the beautiful
human being you are! Congratulations!

I do find it interesting that he was without all these things yet he obviously made
a very big impression in your life. I do not know anyone that is trapped as so but
I can sympathize from your story and your paintings. I do realize there's a lot of
people with a lot of disorders and/or closed off. People need people to
understand one another and by this technology will prevail. Your art is spectacular,
I really enjoy your work. The form of the way you perceive your subjects. Excellent !

I do want to say that Venus, you are one of the best artist I've ever seen !!..
Peace Gleue

Venera.. Thank you for touching so many of our hearts with your wondrous and
beautiful art of spirit and mind.. for showing your elegance of love and respect.
Thank you for the sharing of all you are and who you will be.. You are an old and
great spirit... The world has been blessed with you in it..

Very few videos make me teary eyed, but this one did. You're an incredible artist
who kept this wonderful man alive with your art. He suffered greatly through life,
but I'm betting he's looking down now and he's very happy with the beautiful
drawings of him. Thanks to Eddie for the share. I'm subbed to you, and I
remember you too. Things get lost in the Youtube shuffle sometimes, but always
feel free to send me a share. I'll come comment. :) Janet

Excellent paintings, a performance worthy of reward...
Shocking; deep, very deep and strong...
The art you live all your senses.
Congratulations, I liked it and was moved.
Best wishes, dear Venus: Ambar.

If I could write silence, then such would be my words. But I cannot, so I will simply
say that this is extremely powerful and provocative…
What a great set of original masterpieces, magnified even further by the depth of
this man’s life. Well fashioned from all angles. Intricate. Truly you have given this
man a rare thing.

One could not hope for a more profound and beautiful tribute.....
The gift of immortality in the story of art....The story of ones life.
Profound and beautiful, Jerry

Monique Chiron
Very beautiful and moving history that the one of these pictures that you painted
Venus. It is at a time full of tenderness, of emotion, of fraternity.What beautiful
meeting between you two. Full of love and of marvelous. Thank you Venus for this
sharing very human and full of heart. Your friend from France. Monique

This was truly highest of Art! You truly served for the Highest for what Art can be
created! This is truly proof that Art can change the World! I really believe in
IMMORTALITY through Art. Paintings, drawings, music, written word or even the
said word or sung melody... I believe they live forever... And divine is Creator! You
did show the painful truth, but You also brought happiness!!! You created that!
Truly amazing power You have!!! I have never seen the Art like Yours! God bless!!!

This is so wonderful Venus, this makes me smile, you made him feel warm,
loved, important with your paintings of him, his story lives on maybe in someones
home or office wall.

No words...
Incredible the way you shared with us this story using your paintings.
My deep respect for your talent.

Venus eres una gran artista!
It was 1994.
As surprised as he was seeing himself painted,
so was the rest of society with my choice
of subject matter!
It was my very first art show after graduation
in Europe / Decani, Kosovo.
I did not show the art to the public until
Tafa himself approved it.

At first, he refused to enter my art gallery:
'I don't look nice' he murmured blushing.
I understood him by the gestures he made to communicate;
he could not hear nor speak.

'Neither do I' - told him smiling, looking like hell from painting and lack of

After few seconds of slightly smiling and thinking he entered the gallery and
faced his portraits.

For a moment his body stretched tall, there was glitter in his eyes, he felt
pride and I could see honor and dignity in him! He then put his index finger
and thumb together and blew a kiss, and another and another one, while
looking at his portraits, signaling me how beautiful his portraits were; a very
touching display of emotion.

He almost hugged himself in each of the artwork. He nodded toward each
moment, sighed at times and he laughed out really loud when he saw
himself at the end smiling....
'Hehe, that's me up there' - he kept laughing,
looking toward the sky... My eyes filled with tears instead!

After a great laugh, he then hit me really hard on my shoulder followed by a
deep *sigh*, he frowned and with hand gestures he critiqued me:
' Still NO teeth' he added 'behhh' and he hit me again on my shoulder:
' You could have painted me some teeth' - he made his hand gestures
toward his mouth and my pastels I used to create his story.

It was only then I realized what my dad, the ingenious Kosovar artist Nimon
Lokaj tried to teach me all my life since art was my passion at very early age:
'Do not copy Venus - Create,' my dad used to say to me and although
I thought I was creating because I did paint his life moments without seeing
them, I guess I missed sensing that one wish of his, beneath the surface...
I did not create teeth he did not have and I could have done so, although it
would drastically change his facial emotion.

Tafa's story taught me many things at early age, made me aware of magic
and mystery of character, the attitude, pride, friendliness, dignity, rational
judgment and strength within, regardless of social status!

And his emotional reaction at the end taught me something quite mysterious
about human nature, and that is *Desire* to be remembered how you wished
you were!
He also taught me what keeps one warm in rainy days - Education!

* * * * *

Tafa made it from the walls of Decani, then through Europe:
( Kosova, Albania, Turkey, Austria, England) - Over the Ocean -
to the walls of New York, then through USA:
(New York City, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Illinois,
Kentucky, Kansas, Washington...)

I painted him in 1994 in Decani, Kosova, Europe.
I shared his story and portraits with the World on YouTube in 2012.

I heard few days ago ' He's dead now' - Is he really?
"I can't eat.."
"I can't sleep.."
"I see bad things.."
"I have bad dreams.."
"It's cold where I live.."
"I wish I could read.."
"I hope they bury me
when I die.."
"I'll be happy then.."
you're about to see are
moments of his life
he shared with me.

I was 23 years old Artist.

He was poor.. deaf..
and mute.

He could not hear
nor speak.
But he liked my Art!

He used hands
to communicate..

the 'Sign Language'
And this is what he told me:

  • I can't eat
  • I can't sleep
  • I see bad things
  • I have bad dreams
  • It's cold where I live
  • I wish I could read
  • I hope they bury me
when I die
  • I'll be happy then..