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by VENUS: March 26, 2017

“Would you like to test it?" He nicely asked, handing me the keys.
“Why not!” I responded, holding the keys, “Isn’t that what life is:
"Life is a test drive – you’re given a key and an opportunity!” I wondered.
“That’s interesting...,” he smiled, opening the door for me.
“Would you mind taking a picture, please?” I asked politely as I put my hand on the steering wheel.
“Sure,” he said frowning.
“Thank you,” I smiled after the picture taken and got out of the car.
“You didn't even turn it on!” He expressed surprise.
“I didn’t have to,” I said, “I already made it mine.”

INTELLECT means brain power.
You don’t have to test everything to make yours, sometimes all you have to do is picture it...