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Designer / Seamstress
"My mother's grace"
Kosovar evening gown Designer & Seamstress  
* * * * *
Hatmone Lokaj was born in 1950 - Peja, Kosova / Europe

A beautiful woman, amazing and compassionate wife
and mother, extraordinary formal dress designer and
seamstress, Hatmone Lokaj is born and raised in Peja,
small town in Kosova, Europe.

After finishing Craftsman - technical professional school
at the time, for sewing, she meets a handsome artist
and professor of art, and after few quiet walks
together in nature, observing each other, exchanging
few thoughts, ideas and desires, they felt the magic
of love, got married, have seven beautiful children
and live happily together still today.
Hatmone Gashi-Lokaj
Nimon Lokaj
Hatmone Gashi married the academic artist and professor of art, Nimon
Lokaj from Peja, who then moved to Decani with family, where he
continued painting and teaching art. Surrounded by the magic and mystery
of fresh air and mountains, they decided to live in Decani where they
raised their seven beautiful children.

Besides being a wonderful wife and a caring loving mother, Hatmone's
passion for art and style she had since she was a child never went away
And being married to an amazing artist and a great husband, it only got
better. Her skill for sketching and attention to details, proportions and
design, cutting and sewing was distinguished from other students ever
since her Craftsman - technical studies, thus years after it turned into a
profession appreciated and wanted by many people around Kosova and
abroad. She made formal dresses - special orders for Kosovar women
for over a decade, working from home, simultaneously raising her children
too, and making sure they all get educated.
Besides her shining work as a
seamstress that is so evident in her
white formal dress she's wearing above,
my mother's smile, love for her children,
husband, family and her kindness has
always fascinated other people around
and is such a virtue to love and admire.
Mr. & Mrs. Lokaj
Whether raising children, working or meeting with other artists and friends Hatmone Lokaj's grace and friendliness shines from within.