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Designer / Seamstress
"My mother's grace"
oil on canvas
Venera Lokaj-Smit
Kosovar evening gown Designer & Seamstress  
Hatmone Lokaj is a mother of seven children, the wife
of the ingenious academic artist Nimon Lokaj,
an evening gown designer and seamstress.

She gave birth to seven beautiful children whom she raised
and worked from home too, all her life.
She designed and created beautiful evening gowns for
Kosovar women living in the country and abroad.

Hatmone Lokaj is my magical mom.

She has always been a role model to me and the portrait
of her you see I painted while living in Europe / Decani,
Kosova in 1994. It is oil on canvas, 30" x 46" inch.

Whether raising children, working or meeting with other
artists or friends, Hatmone Lokaj's grace, warmth,
friendliness and her smile shines from within.

Occasionally, throughout life time, she'd join my dad in his
home art studio and paint too.
She's very intelligent, creative and passionate artist in all
she does; loves her work, nature and flowers,
but above all, she loves her children, her husband and

Such virtue I learned to admire and today I practise it too.
* * * * *