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HELICOPTER: Camelback Mountain Rescue (July 2016)
August 10, 2016

What makes America great is: We the People!
And So They Came' is an emotional poem I wrote that night, after surviving a life threatening
experience during Camelback Mountain Trail visit in Phoenix, Arizona. As I narrate poetically the
portrayal of an unplanned, unexpected, sad, yet filmed experience that could have turned deadly
for any involved, I weep. Thank God and each helping another, we all made it safe and sound on
July 25, 2016! What you hear in the poem and see from filming is what it takes sometimes for all
present to survive and pass the test, unknown to any! Some believe in God, others don't.
I believe He watched over us all that day...
My poem makes it clear that in cases like this: strength, love, compassion, strategy of action and even sense of humor is needed to
survive. Below is a short summery for anyone interested in hiking there and possible solution for the city of Phoenix to avoid
senseless waste of human beings:

My husband and son, after visiting downtown Phoenix, decided that all that’s left to see was the Camelback Mountain Trail. Visiting
the City has been a pleasant experience as Downtown is truly enchanting, in the evening it feels like Christmas magic. But, so called
Camelback Mountain Trail for first time visitors like us, turned out to be rather Rock Climbing!!! The path is mystical and attracts you
to keep going which then becomes quite alluring! So many I saw that day to and fro, sadly lots of very small children!
After we made it to the summit, though we thought lack of water in our case was the initial reason for struggling in our way back, and
perhaps the tube filled water may have been dangerous to drink as well, as we vomited right after, a vivid hiker after us with plenty
of water, has felt sick too only after an hour hiking comparing to our 5 hours. Thus, Heat Exhaustion (over 100 degrees at the time)
remains the main cause, to our knowledge, though signs of allergic reaction were vivid and so was present the mystery of
interaction between people around - from my vantage point!

For some reason names of few around I met that day were biblical, while Venus and Phoenix remain mythological. Though many
know the symbolic meaning of Venus, it is the meaning of Phoenix that is quite dramatic to know: It is a beautiful mythical bird that
never dies. It is immortal and identified with the sun. Mostly in red and gold hues. It is believed that toward the end of life, around
every sixth century, Phoenix ignites itself (burns) into magnificent fire, and then reemerges from its own ashes, all new, fresh,
magnificent, so it can live through another life cycle! Though so lovely, clean and enchanting in appearance this beautiful city,
Phoenix, needs prayers for such heat to diminish and water to be evaluated, so families here can survive and be able to live with
less suffering and above all, less judgmental attitude, a sad phenomenon that is a must to overcome in America and around the

A child has died, we heard, a day before we arrived there at the mountain and having in mind that over 200 rescues have been
made this year in Phoenix, the only logical solution with a positive outcome would be to stop being passionate about filming, rather
get passionate about right decision making and do the following suggested:

● NO CHILDREN ALLOWED! Sign: If the word illegal is impossible to use.
● ROCK CLIMBING! Instead of Mountain Trail! Terminology:
This is not a trail, simple pathway, and children have no business being there. We then, as a family and tourists would have turned
around.. Once you're there, it becomes alluring, which means the path seduces you to keep going, that doesn't mean, it is safe.
Though an adventurous and avid adult hiker may enjoy it, for children it is not!
● 'Echo Canyon' phrase to be omitted: there is NO ECHO!
● Hikers' (tube-water) refill: Evaluation!
● Downtown pool-water: Evaluation!
● Heat in Phoenix is not a game! How to survive Heat Exhaustion you can get more details from a wonderful Phoenician journalist
who writes beautifully and has posted her thoughts here:
● If you want to read my poem 'And So They Came' in quietude to connect with words only you can find it here:

* * * * *
To my dear friends on-line, in hopes, that you’re all doing well, though I still feel quite sad from the experience, and not that healthy
yet, it feels great to be alive, share this story with you and hear from you all again. Thank you for your wonderful thoughts you share.

With much Love,

Rescue Filming:  Copyright 2016 KPHO/KTVK (KPHO Broadcasting Corporation).  All rights reserved.
Photos near helicopter and Firetruck – Source: KPHO/KTVK & Phoenix Fire Department

Music: "Sad Violin" by Ji Pyeong Kwon
Poem: "And So They Came" by VENUS
Narration, photo / clips / videography