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© by VENUS
© by VENUS: Nov 16, 2017
Supernatural / Surreal
Las Vegas, NV
Yesterday - GOD showed up
And I was there to stay
With glory and the Holy See
O - Yesterday so suddenly

Why you want to know
O - what happened yesterday
With all my beauty and love
I belong to Today

Oh, Tomorrow
Is a word that many want to know
But I take it as I go
And I never follow the flow

And why Harry Potter
Looks so gorgeously
Dormiens Nunquam
Titillandus - ollee

Oh, my God
Oregon Scientific
Makes me smile
Deluxe Edition #2
Or is it - 1 - for me and you

You keep smiling
And I don't know who you are
But you like my silliness
And that's why I don't cry

Oh, Sweet Say
All my troubles seemed so faraway
I believe that to GOD you brought Me
But He says that's the Holy See

Ah, this seems like Santa Claus is on the way
To bring that - CHECK - to me from Yesterday

* * * * *

I hear SILENCE in Heaven.