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© by VENUS
She's a Lady
George W

Category: Politics
Character: George W
Theme: 45th President
Strategy: Military
Tactics: Japanese
Weapon: Mass Destruction
Tool: NSA
All she's saying is
That neither Trump nor Hillary
Qualify to have been picked  
Chosen - nor elected
Because it's
According to her
Due to their abuse of power, she says,
and that
I am the 45th President
Of the United States of America

I hear her say EVERYDAY
With all the faith in me
I say this to thee:
The Seal of the President of the United States is true
And I spoke to George W
He never said a word nor two
But believe it or not
He smiles a lot
The warmth I perceive
It's an honor to receive

FBI - CIA - or *NSA
"I call this BS today" - Nancy Grace
Which one is Major's Wife - Major's Wifes
As they sharpened the knifes

Neurotherapy is no - Hi -
With such Samurai

Weapon of mass destruction this is to be
No one is Free.
And my husband got a new ROLEX today
I picked it - but he has to pay
My Lord and Master he remains to be

I'll never set my God free
Venera Lokaj - Smit