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© by VENUS
© by VENUS: Nov 15, 2017
Supernatural / Surreal
Las Vegas, NV
If not Holy See
God of Virtue - You seem to be
You watched the Marathon with Me
Oh, how beautifully!

I looked like an Angel in your arms
Taller - just as elegant with charms
Beauty - Grace - and this gorgeous Smile
Just for a while

I then dissappeared without trace
Without Me - You lost your grace

As gloomy as you could be
"It was the Holy See
That brought Venus to me"
You said to JC and the rest at the fest

Oh, Sweet Say - You then smiled my way
I then looked another way
Tinker Bell was standing tall
The most gorgeous of all
Not flying up in the air
Not stepping down the stair
Few young men she objected
Waiting for my son Errol uneffected
Beautifully opinionated as I could see
Unanimated Princess as she can be
Only GOD could have created thee
Prettier than Me
With wings as tender as a fairy
Our Christmas will be Merry
I then saw a tear falling from GOD's Eye - Without a Cry
On a carriage with horses magically white - GOD & I without a kite
My husband Daniel & Errol on the back seat - as Four Seasons meet

Though - some may call this a fantasy
Supernaturally - it happened to Me
TODAY - Oh, Sweet Say!