© by VENUS
Knights: GOD & VENUS
Setting: Washington
Land: America
Tools: Emotions
Nationality: Native American vs American
Origin: Aramaic vs Illyrian
Style: Dialogue ( Duet - Duel )
Category:  My Art - Photography - Poetry - Philosophy
Meaning: Supreme Being
The Cloud was coming toward me, stopped and passed over my home I was renting in Washington State, USA.
The face of God, then, interfered!
Featured are my favorite emotions of God I captured - while the first 4 are of a middle aged Him surrounded by few others,
the 5th one shows the Father in Him alone but not lonely
I used SONY camera for filming, photo and videography  VQuality 1080p HD
Zoom 50X
* * * * *
What is GOD ?
( In Christianity and other monotheistic religions ) the Creator and Ruler of the Universe and source of all moral authority.
synonyms: the Lord, the Almighty. the Creator, the Maker, the Godhead...
Below are pictures I took of a beautiful cloud with human features, in Washington State, USA, on July 2015!
The Integrity of His eye and His facial emotions are breathless, enchanting, theatrical and threatening.
Four Seasons, He goes from breezy to warm, slightly hot, back to cold and occasionally freezing  E M O T I O N S
Below is my interaction with God - the very 1st novel in 21st Century - titled:

Begins with The Hall of the Mountain King & ends with Bethoven's Silence
( Photos of ©The face of God are not to be distributed nor published elsewhere )
photo of Wizard the white not by VENUS - public domain
All Rights Reserved.
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