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When Fire meets Peace
( DiamondAlert )
Category: Education  
Figure of Speech: Personification
April 5, 2017

Almost Black, but I am WHITE
And She created Me
Not you – just the one you see
She created
And I am Fire
And She is Peace
And Her face you see Not

I am Fire
O U T.
And I’m thinking as I taste the first sip of Perrier - It is Lime – it is 7:51 AM
4/5/2017: Im thinking which face of Me could project Peace
The one that’s Not Blue - The one He thinks it’s true - Little too WHITE but Not Blue
Again – low pitch - Never high - Sometimes

And she tried it – the one I like - And she didn’t like it
No connection They said - And I’m appauled - Missspelled Again – no pitch
Almost Blue She listens to - And I’m almost Black - But I am WHITE.
( DiamondAlert )