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April 29, 2016

My philosophy of writing has always been about highlights:
That bright area that tops even logical thinking and you can’t quite explain it,
but you can feel it. It is what I did in this video:

I put together my philosophy of writing and painting, my thoughts, Kevin’s philosophy of sounds
and Ambriel’s philosophy of composition to bring forth the concept of faith through highlights.
Some find it delusional to live let alone survive without faith.
Delusion means you’re deceiving yourself by believing outrageous things instead of God.
Faith is about believing in what you may not be able to prove but you sense it, you see it, the energy - you feel it.  

Others find faith to be merely an illusion: personifying God by portraying him may lead to a misleading image presented as a visual
stimulus. Considering that many of us believe to be gifted, whether faith is delusion or illusion, giving yourself a chance to believe
that there is God, is worth it, regardless of how painful the path may be and without a sight of the Creator to see.

My friend Ambriel, like myself and many others, believes that I am gifted regardless of how hard I work when I paint.
Having in mind that Art has a quiet, beautiful powerful voice, I chose to present my philosophy of writing and reciting through her
beautiful sensual portrait in earth tone thematic art which is warm, environmental, welcoming and bold.
The tone is intelligent with a delightful attitude to admire or at the very least learn from.
Highlights in her hair look as gorgeous as my very own philosophy of faith:

Writing is a Wonderful Feeling !
I, sometimes, ask Muses who sing of Love and a World of Freedom
When I'm asleep, when I'm awake, when I use my brush, when I use my pen
To stand by me so I can tell of this wonderful feeling
And passion I have for Human Nature and the World around us
And in No Lady Hestia Evans Disguise, I, Venus, live my dream today
Paint and write from somewhere in U.S.A.
I love Free verse in poetry, sometimes I enjoy using rhyme
And Dialogue I prefer in a story writing.
Although I enjoy what I do and spend countless hours, days, weeks and months
Giving life to a story on canvas or on paper
I stand by Da Vinci's quote:
'One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself !'

Look at it this way:

If you paint all the time
That doesn't mean you’re a great artist
It means art owns you

If you write all the time
That doesn't mean you’re a great writer
It means language owns you

If you work all the time
That doesn't mean you’re making a difference
It means work owns you

If you play all the time
That doesn't mean you’re living
It means game owns you

If you socialize all the time
That doesn't mean you’re loving
It means social media owns you

If you stay awake all the time
That doesn't mean you’re alive
It means life owns you

If you sleep all the time
That doesn't mean you’re peaceful
It means death owns you

If you don’t have money
That doesn't mean you’re poor
It means poverty owns you

If you have lots of money
That doesn't mean you’re rich
It means wealth owns you

If you do all of the above moderately
That doesn't mean you’re a jack of all trades
It means you’re a master of many
And nothing owns you

If you achieve something
By following a particular order
That can be proved
It's called - Science

If you achieve the very same
Without following any order
That can not be proved
It's called - Faith

If you find peace within
That doesn't mean you don’t care
It means you have found strength
To move on – differently.

Now - let's look at it this way:

Many dream to leave Earth through Science
Ambriel left through Faith
She believed in my gifted imagination
And when I told her: 'I gave you the World'
She did not shout out: 'It was my idea'
Such pride could have led to her downfall
And now through graceful wings
We ~ are carrying ~ You
Out of the blue
You can feel the wind on her hair too

You may not see me reciting
Nor her pretty face on the wall of a mall
And GOD you may not see at all
But you should see
The Highlights...


music: The Second Coming – instrumental

Artwork composition: Selfie at Mt. Garret

Monologue Writing/Reciting
Pastel portrait finger touch and blend